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Team Photo Scrapbook 2013
2013 Intermountain Cup and Utah State Mountain Bike Racing Series

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May 11, 2013.   ICup Race 4

The weather was sunny and warm for the Call to Sundance Intermountain Cup race. The Sundance trails had dried out nicely from Wednesday's rainstorm. There were some sections where dried ruts made the riding less than butter-smooth. A single snowbank near the bottom created enough water to splash brown spots on the white of the UMB jerseys. UMB was represented by 36 racers. First-place wins were scored by Mitt Stewart and Joel Quinn, with second places going to Bentley Vanderwel, Katy Nafus, Bruce Argyle, John Twitchell, Adam Lee, and Meghan Sheridan.

Left:   Mitt crosses the lower ski slope after three laps, riding in the #1 position.

Even at the early morning check-in at 8 am, the weather was
shorts-and-shirt warm. The UMB canopy is ready for racers.

Check-in was in the upper parking lot, with the east side
of the lot converted into the finishing zone.

Stop for a skier? No, I don't think so!
It's a race after all.
Sally checks out her new Rocky Mountain.
Did you know the UMB shop sells them?
The race loop had two minor
alterations from previous years. 
Professional Racer Results
Pro Men:   
Left:   Chris Cole rockets through a turn
on the downhill of his second lap, finishing
with the 10th place spot in Pro Men.

Right:   A small pond on the Upper Liftline
trail, with Mount Timpanogos in the
background. What a perfect day to
ride a bike!

Pro Women:

Left:  Carving one of the tight turns on
the Center Isle trail, Meghan Sheridan 
heads down the ski slope to take the
2nd place Pro Women podium.

Right:  First time racing, and full of energy.
Taylor waits impatiently at the back of the
staging area, ready to ride the half-lap
race with dad Mike.

The race staging and start was on the lift road along the
upper parking lot. The Expert Categories get ready.

The shakeout was a brutal sprint up the paved road, then
a short bit of very steep gravel. The singletrack felt good.

Beginner Categories
Beginner Men:
Left:   The aspens unfurl their leaves for the summer
as Corey Spencer zips down Upper Liftline toward
the 3rd place finish in Beginner Men.

Right:   John Young rocks a turn on the downhill on the
way to 5th place in the category, after successfully
dodging the fir trees in the Sherwood Forest section.

Left:   Joe Benson rolls over a ski slope on the Boneyard
Trail as he climbs up the hill, finishing his lap with the
6th place spot. Joe is new to the team with this race.

Right:   Rolling a turn on Upper Liftline, Kevin Casto
heads toward the 7th place finish in the beginner
men group. All beginner men are in the same race
group this year, regardless of age.

Brian Vanderwel gets to do part of the
course twice, as a wrong turn makes him
start over. Brian fights back to 9th place.

  Ben Buhler cranks through the fir
trees of the Boneyard Trail, finishing
the race in 10th place.

Almost finished with his lap, 
Spencer Neeley
 rolls over some
roots on the downhill, taking 12th.

Beginner Women:     
Left:   Joining the team since the Five Mile Pass
race, Katy Nafus rocks down Upper Liftline on the
way to a podium spot at 2nd place in Beginner

Right:   Rachel Hutchings rolls the berm of freshly
compacted trail on the Boneyard Trail, finishing with
4th place.

The trails were dry and in good shape overall. Some had fresh
cuts. Joel closes in on Brian on Boneyard. 
The aspens were just setting their leaves, but it was still
nicely green. Denmark rocks down Center Isle.
Junior Categories
Junior Men 13-15:    UMB had no riders in this category!


Junior Men 16-18:   

Left:   Harrison Christensen gets low as he flies
down Upper Liftline on the way to the 6th place
position in Junior Men 16-18.

Right:   Cranking uphill on the Boneyard Trail,
 Kyle Leiendecker follows with the 7th place
finish in the category.

Junior Women 13-15:    

Left:   Maggie Ressa heads downhill
at the end of the first race, nailing a
medallion and a podium spot with
 3rd place in Junior Women 13-15.

Right:  Dodging the trees and roots was
the limiting factor for the downhill
sections. Joel heads into a dark grove
on Boneyard.

Junior Women 16-18:  UMB had no riders in this category!


Open Categories
Left:  John Twitchell rocks through a
dip on the Boneyard Trail on the uphill
half of his race, grabbing 2nd place in
the Clydesdale group.

Right:   A ground squirrel checks out the
action, ready to pop back into its burrow.

Women 40-plus:

Left:  Sally Reynders carves a turn
on the downhill, taking the 5th place
finish in Women 40-plus.

Right:  The young racers did surprisingly
well on the half-lap. No little baby lap --
they did the big-kid half-lap. Here's Taylor
on Lower Liftline, almost finished with
his race. Well, there's that brutal climb
back up the road yet to come.

Men 50-plus:
Left:   Geno Smith carves hard on the turns of
Center Isle, racing to the 4th place position in
the Men 50-plus category.

Right:  Flying down Upper Liftline, Rick Morris
finishes his two laps with 13th place.

Left:   Paul Zimmerman carves a hard turn on the
downhill of his last lap, good for the 18th place
spot in this fast group of older guys.

Right:   Adam Reynders moves up from Beginner Men
with this race, doing the brutal long climb twice
on his way to 21st place in his new category.

Notice something different about our regular racers' number
plates? Adam installed names on them. Now we're famous.
The course spent most of its distance twisting through the
trees, only occasionally coming out onto ski slopes. Here's Chris.
Men 60-plus:
Left:   Joel Quinn hustles down Upper Liftline, with
only an occasional glance backward to see who was
chasing him. Joel nails his 5th 1st place of five races
this season.

Right:  Flying out of Sherwood Forest, Bruce Argyle 
heads downhill to the 2nd place finish.

Sport Categories
Sport Men 19-29: 
Left:   Brock Jeske tips a turn on the grass of 
Lower Liftline, finishing two laps with the 5th place
spot in Sport Men 19-29.

Right:   Dallin Hatch zooms down the Upper Liftline
trail on the way to the 8th place finish in the

Sport Men 30-39:
Left:   Christian Burrell rolls the tricky
tight turns of Center Isle, where quite
a few racers slid and dumped. Christian
gets 15th place in Sport Men 30-39.

Right:   Wow. What a photo. Give Kay
a big Thank You! This belongs on the
front of a brochure. Of course, Dave's
hard-core riding adds to the ambience. 

Close-up of Mount Timpanogos. Limestone. David heads for the finish line.
Sport Men 40-plus:
Left:   Greg Sironen is enjoying a good race
through the trees of Upper Liftline, finishing
with 5th place in Sport Men 40-plus.

Right:   Carving a hard turn on the downhill,
 Brian Ressa grabs the 6th place finish
in the category.

Denmark Jensen rolls a turn on Center
Isle on the way to 9th place.

Also on Center Isle, Tim Wagstaff  
takes the 14th place finish.

Jeff Kingsford moves to the younger
group for this race, taking 15th place.

Sport Women 19-34:    UMB had no Sport Women riders!




Sport Women 35-plus:  




Brian Vanderwel takes over the grill as Bruce runs to
get his medallion and take a few pictures.
Katy, Ben, and Joe get their burgers at the post-race
picnic -- while the second-race riders are on the mountain.
Kids Categories
Youth 10-12:  

Left:   Bentley Vanderwel rolls down the ski slope
of Lower Liftline, finishing his half-lap with the
2nd place finish in the 10-12 age group.

Right:   David Ressa pedals over the ski slope, looking
toward the road that will take him uphill to the finish
line and 5th place.

Billy Goat:  
Left:   Draeden Jensen rolls a turn on Lower Liftline
to finish his half-lap race in the Billy Goat (9-and-under)

Note: Finishing order is not reported for the younger category.

Right:   Taylor Engberson cranks up some more speed
as the trail crosses the ski slope on the lower

Millie Goat:    UMB had no riders in this category!


Expert Categories
Expert Men 19-29:     

Left:  Adam Lee rolls a turn on Upper
Liftline as he rides to 2nd place in
Expert Men 19-29.

Right:  Mmmmm. Burgers.  And salad
and fruit and chips and cookies...

Expert Men 30-39:    UMB had no riders in this category!


Expert Men 40-plus:  

Left:   Mitt Stewart rocks an impressive pace as he
leads the Expert Men 40-plus group, finishing three
tough laps with 1st place.

Right:   Cranking through a turn on Upper Liftline,
 Stephan Bergen races to the 8th place position
in the category.

Left:   Dave Benson rocks the downhill on his second
of three laps, taking the 9th place spot.

Right:   Jason Sparks has an attack of bronchospasm
on his first lap and is forced out of the race with a
respiratory DNF.

Expert Women:   UMB had no Expert Women riders!




So many great riders on the UMB team... See the photo
links below for more podium pictures. Here's Katy.
And here's Maggie, winning third after racing the full big
race loop at Sundance.
Singlespeed:   UMB had no Singlespeed riders!




Sundance featured great racing in a beautiful setting. The prolonged aerobic climb affected many of our racers' lungs, with more post-race coughing at the UMB canopy than a tuberculosis ward. It might have been a combination of dry air, the altitude, intense deep breathing, and the aspen pollen. UMB did well at this race to continue domination of the team competition, with many racers giving outstanding individual effort.

More pictures:
     Kay Hutchings photos (Thanks again, Kay!!!)
     Bruce photos  
     GPX track of Sundance 2013 course
     Satellite view Sundance 2013 Race Loop

Left:  The Billie Goats have finished their race. Ribbon Time!

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