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Team Photo Scrapbook 2013
2013 Intermountain Cup and Utah State Mountain Bike Racing Series

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Draper Corner Canyon
Stan Crane Memorial

Memorial Day, May 27, 2013.   ICup Race 5, combined series race 6 of 14

The Memorial Day event began a little later in the day, as the trails of Corner Canyon were filled with a train-running event during the morning. The weather was sunny and clear for the first race, with high clouds moving in by the second wave. The trails were in good shape, although there were a couple of tricky sand pits on two newly cut sections. Meghan Sheridan and Nate Drozd scored our only first-place wins of this race. Second places in their categories went to Bruce Argyle, Mitt Stewart, and Shane Horton.

Left:   John Young leads a charge of racers up the Corner Canyon trail in the first race of the day.

Bruce and Mike set up the UMB base camp while a jay looks on from a fir tree. There was a trail-running foot race in the morning
of Memorial Day, which took up a lot of the parking. It also meant racers couldn't pre-ride before the first race, and the race itself
started later in the day

Mike and Taylor walk while Draeden and Denmark bike
to the check-in station to register for the race.
The younger racers line up for their race, with the 10-12
riders in the front. UMB has four racers on the front line.
Professional Racer Results
Pro Men:   
Left:   Justin Griffin rockets around a turn on the
Creekview Trail as he nears the end of a lap. Justin
takes the 6th position in the Pro category.

Right:   Chris Cole turns from the bridge to hit the
Bonneville Shoreline climb on lap one. High oak pollen
apparently gets to Chris, as he's knocked out with
respiratory symptoms for a DNF.

Pro Women:

Left:  Meghan Sheridan cranks through
the gambel oak of the Corner Canyon trail
on the way to another 1st place win in
Pro Women.

Right:   The starting shakeout was downhill
on doubletrack, with a rain-rut waiting for
those who selected their line unwisely.
Keep left young Padiwan.

After a lap around the pond, the trail
climbs Corner Canyon past mansions
and landscaping boulders.
The return route toward the tunnel
featured uphill hikers and impatient bikers
trying to find their away around the race.
A friendly vulture, waiting to see if I'm
going to hit the two clueless teen girls
riding horses on the race loop.
Beginner Categories
Beginner Men:
Left:   Joe Benson propels his bike along the new
Creekview connector, just cut in the past week to
connect the Coyote Hollow (Clarks) trailhead to the
Creekview trail. Joe is our top Beginner Men finisher
at 5th place.

Right:    Corey Spencer rocks lower Creekview as he heads
toward the lap/finish split above the tunnel, taking
the 7th place spot in the category.

Left:   Climbing the Corner Canyon trail on his first
lap, Brad Griffiths grabs the 9th place finish.

Right:  Brian Vanderwel zooms along a high-speed
section of the new Creekview connector on his way
to the 11th place position.

John Young cranks out more speed on
Creekview as he nails 13th place.

 Setting up for a turn on the downhill,
 Ben Buhler rides to 14th place.

Spencer Neeley cranks up Corner
Canyon on the way to 15th place.

Corner Canyon was in full bloom...
Firecracker penstemmon. One of my
favorites. Paired opposite leaves.
Lupine. Splay of long smooth leaves
with pea-like blooms.
Poisonous alkaloids...  Locoweed.
Pea-like blooms, leaves along arcs.
Beginner Women:     
Left:   Katy Nafus powers uphill as the
race begins, grabbing the 4th place
finish in Beginner Women.

Right:  The Tunnel.  Stay towards the
wall, away from the boulders and the

Junior Categories
Junior Men 13-15:    UMB had no riders in this category!


Junior Men 16-18:   

Left:   Harrison Christensen nears
the end of his first lap as he takes
the 6th place finish in Junior Men

Right:   Sally heads uphill as the 40-plus
women mix into pre-riders from the
second race. The first race bypassed
the upper mountain, with two loops
on the lower mountain instead.

Junior Women 13-15:  UMB had no riders in this category!


Junior Women 16-18:  UMB had no riders in this category!


Open Categories
Left:  Paul Broadhurst took 3rd place in the
Clydesdale category. Welcome to the UMB
race team, Paul!

Right:   Passing a fresh "cut here" ribbon,
 John Twitchell zooms down the new Creekview
connector on his way to the 5th place finish.

Women 40-plus:

Left:  Sally Reynders cranks a turn on the
lower trail as she preps for the final sprint
to the finish line.

Right:  After climbing Corner Canyon, the
race veered over the bridge and onto the
northbound Bonneville Shoreline Trail.
Chris hits the bridge.

Men 50-plus:
Left:   John Higgins gives Kay a wave as he
heads out for another lap, finishing on the podium
with 3rd place in Men 50-plus.

Right:  Rocking a turn on lower Creekview,
 Geno Smith takes the 5th place finish in
the category.

Rick Morris fires past the trailmarking
flags on Corner Canyon to take 12th place.

Paul Zimmerman turns onto the BST trail
on lap one, finishing with 14th place.

Rocking a turn near the finish, Adam
takes the 18th place spot.

Mike follows Taylor while Brad follows Norah in the
9-and-under race... mostly to read the signs and tell
our youngest racers which way to turn.
It was a warm day, with temperatures in the upper 70s during
the second race of the day. We're looking northwest, with
a couple of racers heading uphill on the BST.
Men 60-plus:

Bruce Argyle rolls a turn on lower
Creekview on the way to 2nd place 
in the Men 60-plus group.

After a pit-stop for a broken chain,
Joel Quinn fights back to nail the
 3rd place position.

Gene Poncelet heads down the lower
canyon to grab the 4th place finish in
the category.

Sport Categories
Sport Men 19-29: 
Left:   Brock Jeske cranks past the maples of a
downhill turn on his way to the 5th place finish
in Sport Men 19-29.

Right:   Flying around the berm of the Creekview
trail, Dallin Hatch races to the 8th place spot.

Sport Men 30-39:

Christian Burrell turns from the bridge
onto the BST on his way to the 15th place
finish in Sport Men 30-39.

Darren Stirland fires up to the final
sprint to the finish line, taking 19th 
place in the category.

Michael Dodge cranks the initial uphill
of the new Creekview Connector, nailing
the 21st place spot.

Running out of energy on the BST? Grab some wild onions... before you hit the painful silica pit.
Sport Men 40-plus:

In a string of Men 40-plus racers,
Brian Ressa
 hits the bridge to the BST
on his way to 7th place.

Greg Sironen flies through the deep
maples of the downhill on the way to
10th place in the category.

New to the team with the Draper race,
Sean Lindel makes gets our attention
with an 11th-place finish.

Denmark Jensen rolls a turn as he
finishes his first lap with the 12th
place position.

Tim Wagstaff cranks into the last bit
of shade before the hot open BST. Tim
finishes with 17th place.

Popping up onto the BST bridge, Mike
 finishes his 16-plus miles
with the 28th place finish.

Sport Women 19-34:  

Left:   Cat Kalwies rocks the downhill
as she nails the 6th place finish in the
younger Sport Women group.

Right:   If you can't bike it, walk it. Just get
to the finish line. For the older riders,
the mean spot was the nasty rooty little
uphill just above the silica pit.

Sport Women 35-plus:    UMB had riders in this category.




Michael feels the burn as he grunts through the silica pit. This looks like more fun. Jay and Joel watch the second race.
Kids Categories
Youth 10-12:  Note: Finishing order is not reported for the younger category.

Left:   Bentley Vanderwel races the lower trail below
Highland Blvd.

Right:   David Ressa powers past oak brush in the youth

Left:   OK, I need some help with these racers. If
I remember correctly, racer 420 and 429 are Adam
Lee's brothers. They raced for the team in the 10-12
category, and I'd love to know their names.  For now
we'll can this gentleman Mr. 420 Lee.

Right:   Sir 429 Lee stands up to crank out more power.

Billy Goat:  Note: Finishing order is not reported for the younger category.

Draeden Jensen cranks through the
morning shadows in the oak brush.

Joshua Nielsen hits an open area on the
Junior loop in his speedy shark helmet.

Taylor Engberson blasts his bike uphill
on the Billy Goat loop.

Millie Goat:    
Left:    Norah Griffiths speeds through
crested wheat grass between groves of
gambel oak in the Millie Goat category.

Right:   After the doubletrack climb from
the Corner Canyon trail, the route turns
to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, then
via the new Quail Trail to the Corner
Canyon Road before descending the
uphill BST to the Gasline Trail. Tim makes
the turn onto the BST near the 4-way.

Expert Categories
Expert Men 19-29:     

Left:  Adam Lee tips into a turn on the
BST on the way to 8th place in the
Expert Men 19-29 group.

Right:   A new connector lets riders use
singletrack from Clark's trailhead to the
upper Creekview Trail. One spot was a
bit loose, but most of the trail was very
buff. Joel watches for the sandy spot.

Expert Men 30-39:    
Left:  Nate Drozd gets the 1st place 
finish in the Expert Men 30-39 group.

Right:  A group of rec riders occupy
the berm, forcing the racer to slow
and go inside. Obviously they don't
know there are multiple access points
to Corner Canyon, so there's no need
to get in the way of the race.


Expert Men 40-plus:  

Left:   Mitt Stewart fires around a turn in lower
Corner Canyon, taking the 2nd place finish in
Expert Men 40-plus.

Right:   Heading out to the Bonneville Shoreline on his
first lap, Stephan Bergen takes the 7th place
finish in the category.

Expert Women:   UMB had no Expert Women riders!




Loose surface on three new trails sent a few riders into
the dirt. That's Denmark's leg.
Christian creates the Merry Midpacker award, and
immediately loses it to Rick. Get it back next time, Christian.

Left:   In the Singlespeed category, Shane Horton 
flies downhill on the way to a podium finish with
 2nd place.

Right:   Dave Benson cranks around a turn near the
lap-finish area as he nails the 4th place position in
this tough category.

The Corner Canyon trails were in great condition, and the weather cooperated nicely. The big lap hit the BST, Quail, Corner Canyon Road, BST again, Gasline, Canyon Hollow, Brocks, Rush, Silica Pit, and Creekview. Many first-race riders wished their race allowed them a full upper lap (rather than two lower laps). But it was good riding anyway, with many strong performances by the UMB team members.

More pictures:
     Kay Hutchings photos (We owe you big-time, Kay! It was a long day on the mountain.)
     Sorry, no podium or BBQ photos this time. Kick Bruce, because he forgot his camera.
     GPX track of Draper 2013 course
     High-res satellite view Draper 2013 Race Loop

Left:  A mini version of the satellite view (link above). The lower lap missed the primo trail of Canyon Hollow and Rush. Many first-race UMB riders are lobbying for the big lap next year.

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