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Cyclocross Race 8, November 7
Weber County Fairgrounds

The weather was absolutely perfect for the 8th race of the UtCX season. Even for the first wave at 9:30, temperatures allowed racing with just a simple summer kit, although many riders added arm warmers.

Daniel Truong carves a sharp turn in the meadow as he races in the Men C category.

This was the third race this year at Weber. But the course was laid out to be very different from the first two races. And we're not just talking about running backwards (counterclockwise instead of clockwise). Except for the familiar double barrier (a fixture at every race), the challenges had a very different feel.

The race loop was 1.95 miles long. There was plenty of high-speed grass. There were two low-speed double turns, where you lost all your speed on the first turn, then within a few feet had to turn around 180 degrees and climb uphill. And the splayed five-log barrier was... interesting. 


After the initial sprint east then north, the loop made its first wall hit on a hairpin high-speed 180.

Jason Sparks hits the hairpin in the Masters 45-plus race.

The loop now came back parallel (but in the opposite direction) to the start line in front of the canopies, where a double-barrier awaited.

Also riding in the second race at 10:30 but in the Men 35-plus B group, Jack Gage jumps the second barrier.

Around the next turn from the barriers -- and before you could fully spin up to full speed -- was the log. Some riders bunny-hopped, some riders rolled it, but most dismounted and ran across.

Jack rides over the notch in the log. Nice.

After turning back to the east, the loop dropped into a chute. It was wide enough that bumping the sides was never a concern, but it forced riders to jockey for position as the race hit the chute in single file.

Riding in Masters 45-plus, Dave Benson hustles through the chute, getting ready for the quick veer to the left and pop-up at the end of the chute.

There was a quick uphill turn at the end of the chute. From here riders sprinted toward the horse race track crossing, where they'd again play ring-around-the-trees.

Bruce Argyle (racing in Masters 55-plus) turns from the chute toward the racetrack. That's Ben Lomond Peak in the background.

At the southwest corner was a tricky up and turn, down and turn, crank up and turn. The riders sprinted toward a couple of hill hits on the grass east of the horse racetrack.

Racing in Men B, Dallin Hatch zooms uphill toward the 180-degree turn at the top. Dallin gets two flats during his race.

The ridge in the grass was again used to create balance and bike handling challenges. 

From the ridge, riders turn left 90 degrees, drop two bike-lengths downhill, then turn 180 degrees and sprint up and across the ridge. Here Jeff Kingsford of the Masters 55-plus category gets up over the handlebars to grind over the bump.

After sprinting back across the racetrack, some high-speed grass came next.

Rick Morris (2nd from left) and Bruce Argyle (5th rider) of the Masters 55-plus group are among the riders returning from the east side of the racetrack.


One particular off-camber high-speed turn seemed to catch riders unaware. But there wasn't any brush, gravel, water, or other punishment for overshooting the turn. Darn.

In the Men 35-plus C group, Corey Spencer rockets across the battered cones as he fights to get bike back onto the correct trajectory. 

After sprinting south past the parking area, riders entered a newly-tilled area. After dropping through a small hollow filled with cattails, riders hit a series of five logs. The logs were on a slight slope just below the south end of the racetrack. They were splayed out on the slope like spokes, with wider spaces on the higher slope. If you could pick a line that made the space between the logs equal to your best running stride, you could really gain ground here. Most of us never quite worked it out.

From the logs, the course came back past the parking area to the starting zone.

Jack Gage finds the center of the logs to have the right cadence.


More photos (approx 100) from the first 3 waves of the race team results!

Men C
  Daniel Truong DNF
Men 35-plus C
  Spencer Corey 32nd
Masters 55-plus
  Jeff Kingsford 3rd
  Rick Morris 9th
  Bruce Argyle 12th
  Clyve Cousins 14th
Masters 35-plus B
  Michael Engberson 9th
  Jack Gage 18th
  Jeff Kingsford 19th

Masters 45-plus
  Jason Sparks 6th
  Dave Benson 13th
Men B
  Dallin Hatch 23rd
Singlespeed Women
  Colleen Tvorik 3rd
Junior Women 11-14
  Rebecca Sparks 4th
  Rachel Sparks 6th
Men 35 A
  Jason Sparks 10th
Women A
  Meghan Sheridan 4th

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