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Cyclocross Race 5, October 26
Big Cottonwood Park

(Also includes results for race 6, Sunday October 27)

The 5th race of the 2013 UtCX season was at Big Cottonwood Park (5300 South 13th East) on Saturday October 26. This was the "Halloween Cross" ride where riders were encouraged to wear costumes. Costume prizes were awarded after the event.

The idea was to find a costume that didn't slow you down too much.

There was still frost on the grass as riders checked out the course. For the first race, the frost was melting and making the grass slick. The race started southbound at the west side of the parking area.

Jason Sparks leads a group through the starting zone as he completes lap 4.

After the initial sprint, the course made two 90s and two 180s. But on the first lap, riders were still bunched up as they hit the barriers as the course came back northbound past the start-finish area.

Dallin Hatch hits the 180 just before the barriers on lap 1.

This was the only "scheduled dismount" of the race. I saw one rider clear these barriers with a double bunny hop. Kudos!

Dallin hops the first barrier.

Following the barriers, the course looped back south and did a descending off-camber 180 around a big tree. Then a right-90 put you into the world's toughest sand pit.

Racers in the Men B mob hit the sand pit and fishtail into each other. You can't steer around a rider in the sand, so a chain reaction results in large numbers of sand-runners.

This sand pit was long and deep. But because the line was straight, it WAS possible to ride through. I was 4 for 5 on the passage. How'd you do?

Cruel sand. 

Grunting the last 10 feet to the grass became a matter of honor, even though it would have used less energy to run it.

In a shower of sand, Mike Engberson approaches the far end of the sand pit.

After the sand, the trail turned and climbed a hill, zipped down and around a tree, then climbed an even bigger steeper hill.

Heading up the hill, with the legs still not recovered from fighting through the sand.

The ground beneath the pine was muddy and the nearby grass was still wet with melted frost. It was a challenging climb.

Shane Horton gets up the last bit of mud to turn around the pine at the top.

The trail now zipped through the trees and descended onto the playing-field area.

Mike zips away through the trees southbound.

After skirting a game of team frisbee football, the path climbed up and around a right corner, then descended to a swooping high-speed corner. Now it's time to climb the hill again.

Jason corners hard at the far southeast corner of the racing area.

After zipping west along the fence, the zoomed north.

Shane heads northbound on the west side of the lap.

Two high-speed straight-aways were interrupted by meanders through the trees before the course turned back east. Climb a hill, drop a hill, and head for the finish line to start your next lap.

There are a few tight turns in the trees yet to go.

View more Bruce photos (approx 70) from the race.     Sally's photos from Saturday. team results!
For Saturday, October 26:
Men 35-plus C

  Michael Manning 5th
  Joe Benson 44th
  Corey Spencer 46th
  Dan Hutchings 48th
  Adam Reynders 49th
Masters 55-plus
  Jeff Kingsford 7th
  Rick Morris 10th
  Joel Quinn 11th
  Bruce Argyle 14th
Masters 35-plus B
  Mike Engberson 12th
  Shane Horton 22nd
  Mitt Stewart 28th
Masters 45-plus
  Jason Sparks 5th
  Dave Benson ?
Men B
  Dallin Hatch 19th
Singlespeed Women
  Colleen Tvorik 3rd
Junior Women 11-14
  Rebecca Sparks 4th
  Rachael Sparks 7th
Masters 35-plus A
  Nate Drozd 12th
Women A
   Meghan Sheridan 5th
For Sunday, October 27:
Men 35-plus C

  Corey Spencer 21st
  Joe Benson 22nd
  Dan Hutchings 24th
Masters 55-plus
  Jeff Kingsford 6th
  Rick Morris 10th
Masters 35-plus B
  Mike Engberson 10th
  Shane Horton 14th
Masters 45-plus
  Jason Sparks 16th
  Dave Benson 20th
Men B
  Dallin Hatch 11th
Singlespeed Women
  Colleen Tvorik 3rd
Junior Men 11-14
  Parker Horton 8th

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