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Frozen Hog 2013
Lambert Park, Alpine
Saturday, February 2 (Ground Hog Day), 2013

After a relatively dry 2012, the 2013 Frozen Hog saw the return of deep snow to Lambert Park. This made for brutally hard riding. was represented by three racers. (If we missed you, let us know.) Other team members such as Kris Nosack served as volunteers. Thanks to Sally and Kay for going to the race to get these photos.

The race staged at the Bowery. Racers ran on foot around a loop before grabbing their bikes and doing another loop. Then they entered the singletrack to take on the snow of the main race course.

The race was held in Cyclocross fashion -- the number of laps to be ridden wasn't determined until the leaders had finished their first lap. Based on the time required for the first lap, a number of laps was calculated.

Dave Benson heads uphill in deep
snow as he takes 2nd in the
singlespeed category.

Casey Zaugg rocks his Coconutz
Fuel gear riding in the Expert

Back on the race course is our
junior racer Kyle Jackson,
overheating despite the freeze.

2013 is the last scheduled year for the Frozen Hog at Lambert Park. The race promoter has announced that the snow is too unpredictable, and the staging area and parking too limited, for the race to continue there.

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