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Photo:  365 Trail, North Fork Park's most recent news stories...

365 at North Fork Park...
Fun beginner-level twisting and rolling singletrack for a lovely 2-1/2 mile loop. Connects through to Mule Shoe via a brand new connector at the top of the Pipeline trail.  365 trail page...  June 2019.

Rush Limelight and Rush Green (Beginner)...
For us old Corner Canyon riders, it just got a lot more confusing this year. Most of Creekview is gone, and what remains is one-way uphill. There are two beginner sections at the bottom of Rush, and there's the new Rush Limelight. Read up, and you'll be ready to hit lower Corner Canyon with a low WTF factor.   Lower Corner Canyon trail page...   Rush trail page...  June 2019.

The Above Abyss trail at Slickrock...
This is an official trail, but you won't find it without a bit of help. 2.3 miles of fairly plush riding -- by Slickrock standards -- and a few nice views. Map and GPS, of course, plus a detailed description of how to find it. And a video to decide if it's worth looking for.    Trail page...     May 2019.

Report on the new Herriman segment of the Bonneville Shoreline...
Eventually, this will reach Rose Canyon. For now, it's an extra 1.5 miles (each way) as an out-and-back from the Diamondback trail near Blackridge Pond. Here's the dope.  Trail page...     May 2019.

Hurricane Loop update...
After spending 3 hours each on Gould's Rim and Hurricane Rim shooting video -- on a weekend -- and seeing NOT ONE RIDER, I got to wondering...   Do people even know about this classic loop ride any more? Here are updated pages with new videos for Gould's Rim, JEM, and Hurricane Rim, the pieces of the classic Hurricane Loop.   April 2019.

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Iron Giant trail in Cedar!  Very nice.
This two-mile flow trail is designed for beginners and intermediates, but experts won't be disappointed. It's reached via a climb up Lichen It (or a descent down Green Hollow). There's a connector at the midpoint for a shorter kid ride.  Trail page...    April 2019.

Eagle Mountain Update...
A fourth page of trail information about Eagle Mountain, this one focusing on the trails on the western slope of Lake Mountain. Here's info on Cropduster, Gunslinger, and Rock-a-Billy.   Trail page...    April 2019.

Here's the info on the East Mountain Wilderness Park trails...
4 miles of very nice singletrack in the trees of the EMWP. Dry and ready to ride.   Trail page...    April 2019.

Fruit Loops trail system in Fruit Heights!
A few miles of super-fun and well-built trail looping around the foothill above Fruit Heights. It's already fully dry and ready for your bike tires!   Trail page...    March 2019.

Sensei trail in Lehi's Traverse Mountain system is now complete
All 5 miles of the Sensei trail are ready to ride. The southern half (between the water tank trailhead and the Fox Canyon Road) is well-packed and plush. The northern side (up Steep Mountain and west to Fox Canyon Road) is open but loose and/or chunky on the trail surface.   Trail page...    November 2018.

"The Bruce Blues Band"
Those insane mountain biking songs on the UMB facebook page?   I've put links to each video on the Goodies "Video" page of this website. Or go to the YouTube channel and select the Bruce Blues Band playlist. And if you want the songs themselves, they're available as mp3s in our Goodies "Biker Blues" section (there are newer songs there that haven't been put into a video).   November 2018.

St. George Bike Park is NOW OFFICIALLY OPEN!!
Here's info on the three finished riding areas in this 60-acre bike park. Lots of good stuff.   St.G Bike Park trail page...    November 2018.

New connector trail links Secret Sauce to Pushing Tin
After the flood destroyed the first 100 yards of the Desert Canyons system, bikes are riding a "detour" just a few yards to the side of the eroded former trail. But here's the good stuff:  there's now a 0.7-mile singletrack link between Pushing Tin and Secret Sauce at the Desert Canyons trailhead.  And I have a new video to show you what the trail system is like.   Desert Canyons trail page...    October 2018.

Eric's Trail links Blackridge to Juniper Crest
I've updated the Herriman trail pages with new maps, trail descriptions, and photos. There's a new video of the Mustang Loop ride on the Blackridge page, and a quick POV run down Eric's east side on my YouTube channel. Great riding.   Eric's / Blackridge trail page...    October 2018.

How are those videos made?
I (Bruce) get a lot of questions about what cameras I use and how I handle all that equipment out on the trail. Rather than type the same thing into the YouTube comments again and again, I've created this page so I can just copy the URL.   Video creation page...    February, 2018.


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