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UOP "Bobsled Loop"
Yeti's Trail, Moose Puddle Trail

The Utah Olympic Park Yeti's and Moose Puddle trails are located west of the UOP bobsled track, a few miles north of Park City. It's a highly scenic ride. But like most Park City biking, you'll be climbing a mountain. There's no fee to ride the trails on UOP property. The trails can be done as a stand-alone loop of 6.4 miles with 1500 feet of climbing, or as part of a longer ride using other Olympic Park trails.

View east from the northern side of the loop, with the Olympic bobsled track just beyond the trees. On the skyline are the Uintah Mountains. Photos and ride review June 26, 2016 by Bruce.

The final portion of the loop was completed in spring 2016. The trail is mostly smooth wide dirt ribbon, suitable for intermediate riders, but with a couple of more-challenging alternate lines.

The northern end (from the parking strip to the top) is called Yeti's and is uphill only. The southern limb Moose Puddle has two-way traffic.

Entry to the trail from the parking strip on Olympic Parkway at the northern end of the loop.

The trail can be reached from within the UOP. Follow the Olympic Parkway west past the buildings and main parking lot, continuing around 0.3 mile westward uphill towards the bobsled. Just before the road turns left (south) uphill, there's a long parking strip along the right side of the road. The trail entry is at the top of the parking zone and is one-way uphill.

Climbing through maple forest mixed with aspen groves.

If you prefer, you can climb the southern side of the loop (Moose Puddle) as an out-and-back. To find the Moose Puddle from the UOP parking, pedal uphill on the paved road around 0.2 miles and find the trail on the right. As of June 1016 there were no trail signs. A traffic cone on the side of the road marks the spot.

A bit higher up the trail, we're looking northeast at the Snyderville area.

Note that the photo sequence for this page is that of a counterclockwise ride from the northern end (from the parking strip at the hairpin turn). The trail from parking to the top of the hill (Yeti's) has been designated as a one-way, uphill-only ride. You'll finish the loop by descending the southern side on Moose Puddle (a two-way trail).

A look at a typical turn, with the bobsled track in the background. We've reached an altitude close to the top of the track.

You can also catch Moose Puddle near the building at the top of the bobsled run. To get there, drive all the way up the Olympic Parkway and park near the bobsled launch building.

You'll find a switchback of the trail at the far west end of the pavement above the bobsled facility. Going to the right downhill will start you on the loop ride, and you'll be back at this spot 6.4 miles later.

Looking north from the trail.

Or, go up Bear Hollow Drive. There's a gate at the top of Bear Hollow, but with a bike-hole on the left side for you to get through. Don't park at the gate. Park downhill and pedal to it.

That's the Olympic Park parking lot.

After going through the gate, turn left (west) on pavement, staying uphill from the bobsled facility. For the out-and-back ride to the top, fork left to pedal uphill on Moose Puddle. To do the whole loop, drop downhill to the right.

Little Rocky takes a time-out in the middle of a turn. We're looking west toward Murdock Peak.

Another option is to connect from the Iron Bill trail (UOP Trail) to the loop. When Iron Bill ends on Bear Hollow Drive, turn right and pedal 0.2 miles uphill to the gate.

You can also connect from the Legacy Loop by taking one of the spurs down to paved road. (See the Olympic Park Trails page.)

Climbing further uphill, maple gives way to aspen and chokecherry.

And here's a nice longer ride option. Start at the RTS parking, just up the Olympic Parkway from SR 224. Loop around RTS, then take Iron Bill uphill to the Legacy Loop. Go halfway around the Legacy loop, then take the trail spur that leads to the road at the top of the bobsled. Mosey across the parking lot to the trail and do a counterclockwise loop. (See the map.) On your way back, hit the opposite side of the Legacy Loop. Or Legacy Ridge. My track for this ride is 14 miles with 2700 feet of climbing.

View down one of the alternate lines, where the trail rapidly twists through banked turns. 

Once you're on the trail, navigation is simple. There are only three trail forks, all on the northern side of the loop. And these are simply alternate lines, rejoining after a short distance.

At the tippy-top of the ride, looking north. Elevation 8050 feet.

If you're climbing when you hit a fork (counterclockwise ride going uphill on Yeti's), go right for a flatter smoother and somewhat longer alternative. 

Looking west at Murdock Peak, we can spot the Hunter Trail at 8000 feet elevation.

The trail is mostly in shaded forest: a mix of oak, maple, aspen, and fir. Many areas have a lush understory of shrubs such as chokecherry and currant. The shade keeps the climbing cooler. 

Looking south as we cross the top, we see a bit of snow remains on the skyline.

The trail frequently breaks out into small areas of brush. These spots provide some great views. The climbing is not brutal or continuous, so enjoy an occasional look around as you head from 6900 feet elevation to the top at 8050.

View southeast. Park City is top middle, with Deer Valley clinging to the slopes of Bald Mountain at upper right.

At the top, you'll be able to look north to the Sessions Mountains. There will be frequent overviews of the Jeremy Ranch area, from various altitudes.

To the west is Murdock Peak, 9600 feet elevation. If you pay attention, you can spot the Hunter Trail heading towards Pinebrook.

Butter-smooth singletrack. Not steep. Nice cruising.


On the southern side of the loop, you'll be able to see southeast along the course of SR 224 all the way to Deer Valley. Directly to the south are ski runs of The Canyons resort.

On the eastern skyline are the Uintah Mountains.

Looking east from a bit lower on the southern half of the loop.

The downhill is fun and fast. Turns are usually banked and smooth. (Some dust and loose rock await those who go counterclockwise, as the riding lines strongly indicate that most bikers ride clockwise.)

The Mule's Ear are in bloom in the middle elevations.

Bottom Line:
This loop is a satisfying ride that's highly scenic. And if you start at the RTS trail parking and pedal to the loop via RTS, Iron Bill, and the Legacy Loop, it's a major adventure. Very much worth your time.

And we're almost done.

Riding notes, simple counterclockwise loop ride:
0.0   Parking along Olympic Parkway
        Uphill on singletrack at apex of road turn
         N40 42.709 W111 34.010
0.5    R = easier N40 42.591 W111 34.037
0.6    Trails rejoin N40 42.604 W111 34.062
2.1    R = easier N40 42.490 W111 34.346
2.3    Trails rejoin N40 42.470 W111 34.336
2.4    R = easier N40 42.445 W111 34.347
2.6    Trails rejoin N40 42.406 W111 34.339
2.9    Top of mountain N40 42.272 W111 34.355
4.9    Go L N40 42.309 W111 33.856
         (R = to bobsled building)
6.2    L onto road N40 42.577 W111 33.938
6.4   At parking
Big Ride w RTS, Iron Bill, Legacy, Bobsled (14 mi):
0.0   RTS Trailhead, through fence
         R (then stay L, ignore smaller "cheat" route)
         N40 42.970 W111 33.254
1.9    R uphill onto UOP N40 42.856 W111 33.446
2.0    Road; cross downhill to ST
2.5    Turn L (R = to slide unloading)
         N40 42.685 W111 33.376
3.5    R uphill onto Legacy connector
         N40 42.308 W111 33.433
3.8    R on Legacy Loop N40 42.398 W111 33.492
3.9    R to stay on Loop N40 42.450 W111 33.546
         (L = return from Legacy Ridge)
         Pass foot trail to skills area on L
4.0    Keep L (R = to parking for slide)
         N40 42.497 W111 33.596
4.2    Downhill L toward Bobsled facility
         N40 42.374 W111 33.713
         Uphill and west on pavement
4.3    ST at far west end, go R downhill
         N40 42.309 W111 33.857
5.6    L downhill on road N40 42.577 W111 33.938
5.8    L uphill on ST N40 42.709 W111 34.010
         (Keep R at three trail forks during climb)
8.7    Top of hill
10.7  Keep straight to pavement
         N40 42.309 W111 33.857
         Retrace route
10.8  ST uphill on R
         N40 42.319 W111 33.757
10.9  Hard R on Legacy Loop
         N40 42.373 W111 33.715
         100 feet, then hard L Legacy Ridge
         N40 42.368 W111 33.712
11.4  R to rejoin Legacy Loop
         N40 42.448 W111 33.544
11.5  Keep L for stem of loop
         N40 42.409 W111 33.489
11.7  Keep L for Iron Bill
         N40 42.308 W111 33.433
13.4  R on 2nd portion RTS loop
         N40 42.854 W111 33.446
13.9  R for RTS trailhead
Getting there:
RTS Trailhead:  From I-80, take the Park City Kimball Junction exit. Turn south toward Park City. 0.4 miles from the freeway, turn right on the Olympic Parkway. At the roundabout, go 3/4 around (effectively a left turn) to head south on Olympic Parkway. The road will begin climbing. At one mile from I-80, turn right into a gravel parking area. The RTS loop is just inside the break in the fence.
Olympic Parkway lower parking:  Keep on Olympic Parkway past the Olympic Park. As the road leaves the developed area, you'll see a parking strip on the right side of the road, just before the road turns sharply left. Park here. The north end of the trail is at the apex of the turn. The south side of the trail is 0.2 mile uphill on the right side of the road. NOTE!  The UOP gate is locked one hour after the posted closing time. If you won't be finished before closing time, park outside of the gates!
Bobsled facility:  Continue uphill to the top and park near the bobsled building. The trail is immediately west of the top of the facility.
Bear Hollow:  Turn off Highway 224 on Bear Hollow Drive. Go uphill past Rob's Trail. Go to the UOP gate and turn around. Head downhill to a wide spots on the west side of the road to park (no parking in the circle below the gate). Go through the bicycle entrance on the left side of the gate, then follow the pavement left above the bobsled facility to the trail.
Riding resources:
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