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Yoo Hoo
Yoo Hoo DH is a downhill trail in the Luke's area north of Price. It's only 1.5 miles long, but is a continuation of Shamrock & Roll. As of 2011, it's still being worked on, but is ready to ride. The first half-mile is awesome; the rest is underwhelming but has great potential. Yoo Hoo drops about 400 vertical over the run of the trail. The ride I describe here is a loop 12 miles long and is intermediate technical overall. Total climbing is about 1400 feet. The Shamrock & Roll and Yoo Hoo sections can be done by intermediates, but really need advanced tech skills to be enjoyed properly.
Yoo Hoo Loop counterclockwise:
0.0   From Luke's TH, backtrack E on DT
0.1   Cross road to ST N39 37.357 W110 48.697
1.3   L on Smo' Joes N39 37.652 W110 48.276
        R = Wyatt's Way (option side loop)
1.4   Stay L (R= Wyatt's Way)
        N39 37.727 W110 48.242
2.8   Keep straight, cross cattleguard
        N39 38.722 W110 48.272
        L = shortcut to Lukes
3.4   R toward Meads N39 39.075 W110 48.063
        L = IMBAtween
3.7   L (north along rim) on Meads Rim
        N39 39.279 W110 47.950
4.0   Fork R and climb (L = alternate)
        N39 39.464 W110 47.933
4.1   R on Floating Rocks
        N39 39.535 W110 47.898
5.2   R on Lollipop  N39 40.240 W110 48.094
5.9   R to start Lollipop loop
        N39 40.795 W110 48.127
6.2   Fork R onto Shamrock & Roll
        N39 40.825 W110 48.178
7.5   Fork L uphill (R = Yoo Hoo)
        N39 40.275 W110 48.209
8.4   Keep L of waterfall N39 39.705 W110 48.138
8.5   Stay in main canyon, L of wash
        N39 39.572 W110 48.098
9.0   L on dirt road N39 39.278 W110 48.343
9.5   L on Lukes ST N39 38.849 W110 48.430
9.55 Keep straight (L) N39 38.849 W110 48.458
        R = option Bonus Loop
9.6   Straight N39 38.829 W110 48.496
        (L after cattleguard = to Smo Joes)
10.8   Keep L N39 38.246 W110 49.160
        (R = option Alan's Way loop)
11.1   Keep L N39 38.038 W110 49.046
        (R = return from Alan's)
12.1   At trailhead
Getting there, Luke's trailhead parking:  Eastbound on US 6, take the first Price exit. Turn left and enter town on 100 North. About a mile after leaving the freeway, turn left (north) on 300 East. Drive to 900 North and turn left. The road will turn to dirt and/or narrow asphalt, and will veer right and climb the mesa.  One-half mile later at the top of the mesa, fork left (west) and proceed 0.1 mile to the Lukes parking area.
Copyright 2011 Mad Scientist Software Inc.  Trail conditions change. Use this guide at your own risk.