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Yellow Fork
Yellow Fork is a surprisingly nice trail in the Oquirrh Mountain foothills at Rose Canyon. Among the many options are two main choices: there's a nice 7-mile singletrack loop ride with 1300 vertical feet of climbing, and there's a smooth 2-mile doubletrack family ride in Yellow Fork Park that goes to a lovely picnic area. Yellow Fork is a popular horse-riding area. Even weekdays, there are usually a few horse trailers in the parking area. Please be courteous when approaching riders on the trail.
The Singletrack Loop (clockwise):
0.0   Trailhead along the creek, head west uphill
0.5   Fork, turn left (south) away from the creek
        GPS N 40 28.008' W 112 05.585'
1.5   Trail turns right (west), with a doubletrack nearby on the left
        GPS N 40 27.545' W 112 06.368'
2.2   Fork, keep left (right goes steeply up and over the ridge)
2.7   Left on fire road, singletrack leaves on R 60 feet later
3.2   At top of ridge, trail crosses faint ridgeline singletrack
        GPS N 40 27.994' W 112 07.582'
        100 ft later, keep straight as trail drops onto fire road
3.8   Singletrack goes R (watch for log crossing road)
        GPS N 40 28.221' W 112 07.799'
        (fire road dead-ends 0.1 mile later)
4.2   Trail leaves uphill on L, keep straight (R)
4.7   Arrive at picnic area, keep R of tables, cross creek
        GPS N 40 28.298' W 112 06.914'
        find singletrack downhill (turn L) on south side of creek
4.9   Cross road and creek (trail now north - left - of creek)
5.2   Cross back to south of road and creek
5.5-6.0 Trail options: higher trails are more technical
        Hammerheads keep right, non-techies keep left
        Just keep heading straight east downhill
6.5   At first fork (loop complete), keep left
7.0   Back at parking
The Family Ride:  From the parking area, go right (west) up the cindered road. Just continue straight, as the singletrack branches and crosses over. At mile 0.5, you'll see a few picnic tables on the left. This is where the loop ride forks. Continue on to mile 1.9. The doubletrack ends here among multiple picnic tables, in a shady glen along the creek.

Getting there: From I-15, take the Bangerter Highway and head west. After the highway curves north, turn left on 126th south (traffic light and big pedestrian overpass) at mile 6.0. 126th becomes 131st. In Herriman, turn left on Rose Canyon Road. Set odometer. 0.9 mile later, turn right at stop sign, then keep left at 2.3 to continue on Rose Canyon Road. At mile 4.4, pavement ends at the creek. Find a parking spot. The trail begins right along the creek, going uphill. GPS N 40 27.917' W 112 05.075'

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