Willow Creek 025 South - French Hollow and optional Buffalo Canyon
This ride is located in the high ridge country between Strawberry Reservoir and Spanish Fork Canyon. It is NOT the cushy Willow Creek 001 found north of Strawberry near Daniel's Canyon summit. This Willow Creek trail is best classified as an "adventure ride" -- definitely reserved for very experienced riders who come well-prepared. The trail is hard to find, hard to follow, and in spots can be hard to ride. Use this information below to plan an appropriate ride for your ability.
Road riding notes for Climbers Epic:
0.0   Park at pullout on R side of road, 1/3 mile past the marina
        N40 07.851 W111 02.316
        Ride uphill (R) on pavement, which becomes gravel
2.0   Keep straight (R)  N40 06.492 W111 02.698
2.5   Forest border
3.8   DT on R, trail on L, keep on road
        N40 05.818 W111 04.034
5.0   Temporary reprieve from climbing, Alt 9200
6.3   Trail 360 forks off on L, keep straight
        N40 04.763 W111 06.032
6.5   Keep straight and L, DT on R
        N40 04.789 W111 06.152
7.4   Straight. DT 109 on R, top of French Hollow on L
        N40 04.628 W111 06.935 Alt 9000
8.3   Keep L, R = FR 679)  N40 04.003 W111 07.018
9.1   Viewpoint Alt 9500
9.4   Keep straight, R = Center Canyon
        N40 03.637 W111 07.875
11.5 L on FR 131 N40 03.065 W111 09.500
12.3 L toward White River on 131
        N40 02.643 W111 09.390
12.8 Keep straight, R = Buffalo Canyon
N40 02.426 W111 09.112
13.9 Straight. R = Guard Station and Racetrack Creek
        N40 01.579 W111 09.202
14.8 Fork L toward Soldier Summit (continue 131)
        N40 01.277 W111 10.023
16.0 Keep on road (DT to Willow Creek on L)
        N40 00.389 W111 10.155
18.5 Fork of 131 (Soldier Summit and Left Fork) and
        Reservation Ridge road. Find trail in meadow on L.
        N39 59.196 W111 09.232
Riding notes, Willow Creek from top downhill:
0.0   Fork of 131 (Soldier Summit and Left Fork) and
        Reservation Ridge road. Find trail in meadow on L.
        N39 59.196 W111 09.232
2.0   Cross to west (L) side of creek, cross feeder creek
        N40 00.422 W111 07.894
        Faint trail joins from canyon on L
3.3   On L side of creek, cross Racetrack creek
        Trail joins, keep R, N40 01.148 W111 07.190
4.0   Confusing area, find your way. Suggest L side.
4.7   Turn into Buffalo Canyon, cross creek
        Trail joins, keep R, N40 01.907 W111 06.577
6.8   On R side of creek, cross Center Canyon trail
        N40 03.087 W111 05.049
7.9   French Hollow crosses at angle,
        N40 03.849 W111 04.496
        Hard L to climb French Hollow
10.4 Top of French Hollow at FR 090
Getting there, FR 090 (Soldier Creek) for Epic Ride or driving to French Hollow:  On US 40, go eastbound up Daniel's Canyon and cross the summit. Continue on US 40 past Strawberry Reservoir. Pass the Soldier Creek campground, then 1/2 mile later turn right toward Soldier Creek Dam (road fork is N40 10.960 W111 01.690). After 3.3 miles, keep R at the fork and continue toward the dam and marina. At 4 miles from US 40, turn R and go across the dam. At 5.2 miles, you reach the intersection for the Aspen Grove campground (left) and the marina (right). Continue on another 8 miles if you're headed for French Hollow (ignore the big no-trespassing sign; you're on a public road). To do the epic ride, drive 0.3 miles past the marina. Just after the road turns to the left, exit on dirt doubletrack N40 07.851 W111 02.316. Park there. Start your ride by heading up the hill on the paved road.
Getting there, FR 131 (from Strawberry):  On US 40, go eastbound up Daniel's Canyon and cross the summit. 4.7 miles after the summit, turn R on the main Strawberry road. Continue south toward Indian Creek at the far southeast corner of the reservoir. Drive past the Renegade Point marina and and continue southeast on FR 131 and begin climbing. About 6 miles past Renegade Point, FR 090 comes in on your left at N40 03.065 W111 09.500. Park here for the big loop ride, or turn left on 090 if you're headed to the top of French Hollow. For Buffalo Canyon, keep straight. Note the directions and coordinates above to navigate your way to the Buffalo Canyon trailhead.