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Willow Creek Trail - #001
The Willow Creek trail is a fun singletrack trail in the area just east of Daniel's Summit (near Strawberry Reservoir). This trail is suitable for beginners but satisfying for skilled riders. Slopes are gentle and non-technical. The ride can be done as a simple 4-mile out-and-back, or as part of a longer ride. The route I describe here is 14 miles. It loops through scenic Bjorkman Draw on doubletrack and does a "victory lap" around a side canyon so you get a lot more singletrack.
Riding notes, 14-mile loop ride with "lap" via side canyon:
0.0   From parking, north (left) on gravel road
        N40 16.791 W111 13.132
1.1   Keep straight on main road (R = return)
        N40 17.756 W111 13.243
3.6   R to Bjorkman Hollow ATV route
        N40 19.837 W111 13.718
6.2   Highest point of ride (8400 ft)
6.6   R (south) off DT to ST at log fence
        N40 20.028 W111 12.032
7.2   2nd creek crossing N40 19.514 W111 11.935
        R for Willow Creek (L=alternate return)
8.4   L on alternate (R=continue down canyon)
        N40 19.514 W111 11.935
        Slow climb up and around to rejoin trail
10.1 L across creek and rejoin Willow Crk downhill
        (Same fork as mile 7.2)
11.4 At fork, go R across creek this time
        (Same fork as mile 8.4)
11.8 Trailhead, downhill on DT N40 18.329 W111 12.609
12.7 Strawberry Road, go L
13.8 Back at parking

Getting there:  Take US-40 southbound from Heber and drive 18 miles up Daniel's Canyon. After passing the summit, continue another 2.5 miles to the Strawberry River. Shortly after crossing the river, turn left on the Strawberry River Road, about mile 2.8 after the summit. Immediately turn left into the parking area.
To reach the Willow Creek trailhead, drive 1.1 miles up the Strawberry road then fork right at the Willow Creek sign and drive up dirt road 0.6 miles.

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Trail conditions change. Use this trail guide at your own risk.