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Wild Rose Trails
The Wild Rose riding area lies in the steep foothills above the North Salt Lake bench. There's a short-but-sweet singletrack loop suitable for early-intermediate riders and a short DH (downhill-bikes-only) trail for techies. And there are connectors to the upper ridgeline, for adventuresome riders only. There's also some hiker-only trail (Chukkar Loop); watch the trail signs to avoid blundering onto the no-bikes trail. The trailhead is at 5150 feet of elevation, already 900 feet above the valley floor. You can ride directly from the asphalt extension of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail on Eaglepoint Drive, or drive to the Wild Rose Trailhead Park on Sky Crest Lane.
Wild Rose mini-DH loop:
0.0   From mile 0.3 of Wild Rose above
        (Bottom of DH N40 49.528 W111 53.698)
        Uphill on Wild Rose 60 ft
        R at fork  N40 49.532 W111 53.683
0.1   L on Shortcut N40 49.479 W111 53.618
0.2   L on Wild Rose (counterclockwise)
        N40 49.481 W111 53.562
0.4   Fork hard R N40 49.522 W111 53.482
        50 ft, then keep R  (L = Chukkar, no bikes)
        N40 49.511 W111 53.480
0.6   Join Wild Rose
        N40 49.466 W111 53.610
        (Caution! uphill bikes and hikers!)
        30 ft, then drop R on DH
        N40 49.472 W111 53.522
0.9   Cross Wild Rose
        N40 49.467 W111 53.609
        50 ft then alt DH joins on L
1.0   Bottom of DH on Wild Rose
Getting there, via Wild Rose Park:
On I-15 northbound, take exit 312 (US-89). Just after the exit at the first stop light, turn right on Eagle Ridge Drive. Keep on Eagle Ridge (straight) at the roundabout. Climb the hill for about two miles. Watch for Eaglepoint Drive on the right at N40 49.803 W111 53.771. (If you reach the golf course, you just missed it.) Drive 0.2 miles on Eaglepoint and turn left uphill on Sky Crest Lane. The parking lot is at the end of the road. From parking, find the singletrack on the left just below the bathroom. It connects to the uphill trail. Alternately, you can take sidewalk up through the park and find the uphill trail at the top of the grass, among several picnic-table spurs.
Getting there, via BST: From the City Creek TH in Salt Lake City, pedal across the mountain, keeping R on the BST at the Ensign Peak fork at mile 2.3. Descend to the bench northbound. At Tunnel Springs Park (mile 5.0), cross the street and continue north on paved trail on the left side of the street. When the asphault ends in cement sidewalk (just after you pass Sky Crest Lane on your right) at 5.4, cross the street on the crosswalk. The Wild Rose trail is just a few feet away. The dirt ST N40 49.623 W111 53.840 heading uphill in the maples is it.

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