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The Wedge - Little Grand Canyon Overlook
This ride is often called The Wedge Overlook, although it rides ON top of The Wedge and doesn't overlook it. So it should really be called Little Grand Canyon Rim. Or San Rafael River Overlook. It does offer fabulous views. And as for the bike riding, well, it offers fabulous views. We're talking "improved graded dirt road" here. The ride is 19.5 miles, technically very easy. You can drive part of it if you need a shorter ride.
Riding notes, from kiosk on Oil Dome Road:
0.0   Head south N39 10.517 W110 47.453
2.2   Keep straight (on L is road from Buckhorn Wash)
        N39 09.080 W110 46.200
4.3   Kiosk, keep R (L returns from alternate view)
        N39 07.377 W110 45.431
6.7   At canyon edge, go L
        N39 05.582 W110 45.537
7.3   At Little Grand Canyon Overlook
        N39 05.731 W110 44.937
        Look, and head back
7.9   Back at BR, keep L along edge on small DT
10.1 Final viewpoint, turn around
        N39 05.418 W110 47.191
12.3 Back at fork, L for return trip
19.6 Back at car
Getting there, from the north:  Exit US-6 in Price, southbound on highway 10. (In Huntington, there's an alternate road that ends up at the trailhead. I haven't tried it.) As you approach Castle Dale 28 miles from Price, watch for a sign that says "San Rafael Access" and a broad dirt road on the left (heading east). There's a huge corral near the start of the road. Once you're on the dirt road, go 12.2 miles and find the trailhead marked by a kiosk and bathroom at an X intersection of dirt roads. The trail is the road on your right.
From the south:
  On I-70, take the Sinbad or Ranch Exit Exit 129, 25 miles west of Green River. Head north. The road will veer east along the freeway, then turn north again. After 21 miles on dirt road, cross the San Rafael River and enter Buckhorn Wash. Nine miles later, turn left on Oil Dome road a drive about 2 miles to the trailhead.

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