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Kentucky Lucky Chicken (KLC) Trail -- Webb Hill in St. George
The Kentucky Lucky Chicken trail circles the rough-looking mountain southeast of St. George called Webb Hill. You've seen the hill. It's the little mountain with the radio towers on top, just east of I-15 and south of the Virgin River. The trail requires expert riding skills, but an upper-intermediate can manage -- with a lot of dabs and walkovers. The loop is 3.8 miles, with 400 feet of climbing.
Riding notes, from upper parking:
0.0   Find trail west (upper) corner
        N37 03.954 W113 33.951
0.1   ATV and DH route cross
        N37 04.031 W113 34.061
0.2   Keep R (L = DH jump)
        N37 04.071 W113 34.091
0.6   DH crosses, keep straight
        N37 04.105 W113 34.301
1.3   Critical fork, R uphill
        N37 04.041 W113 34.614
        (L= up DH trail)

1.4   DH crosses, keep level
        N37 03.980 W113 34.621
1.5   DH crosses N37 03.941 W113 34.719
        Crosses several times, stay level
2.2   Cross tower road
        N37 03.864 W113 34.427
2.3   Cross DT N37 03.848 W113 34.404
Stay R along cliff as DH goes L
2.8   First of 3 sharp turns along cliff edge!
3.8   Back at parking
Getting there:
From I-15 southbound, take the Bluff Street exit. Turn left onto Riverside. Go 1.5 miles east. At River Road, turn right (south). Go about a mile south and turn right onto Ft. Pierce Drive North. Go about 0.3 miles and turn left onto Bloomington Hills Drive. Watch for the south end of Ft. Pierce Drive and turn right. The second left is Hillrise Ave, heading steeply uphill. You can park on the left where the pavement ends and pedal uphill, or drive another 0.4 miles uphill and park in the rock-lined spot on your right. The singletrack starts at the upper (northwest) corner for a counterclockwise ride. To go clockwise, cross the dirt road to the southbound trail.
Trail alignments, connections and conditions will change. Use this guide at your own risk.