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Wasatch Mountain State Park
This 4.8 mile ride hits the best of the trails in the visitor's center area. It is strenuous, with upper-intermediate skill requirement. There will be 1300 vertical feet of climbing, to a top altitude of 6750 feet. As of 2015, the Visitor's Center Loop trails are narrow, overgrown, and often rough -- reserve those trails for adventurous skilled riders.
Trail connections, conditions, and alignments will change. Use this guide at your own risk. 2015
Riding notes, Spring Pond to Crows Nest Loop
0.0   South from parking, cross road
        N40 31.975 W111 29.428
0.2   Stay on Huber Grove (R = return path)
        N40 32.062 W111 29.600
0.7   L on singletrack (?Epperson)
        N40 32.396 W111 29.917
0.9   5-way intersection N40 32.293 W111 30.002
        Straight uphill, Spring Pond 
1.1   R toward Spring Pond (L = Visitor Ctr Loop)
        N40 32.246 W111 30.041
1.2   Keep R (L = The Cut)
        N40 32.254 W111 30.099
1.25 Keep R (L = Visitor Ctr Loop)
        N40 32.270 W111 30.148
1.3   L uphill toward Crows Nest
        N40 32.346 W111 30.190
1.8   Straight (R = Loop over to Wild Turkey)
        N40 32.153 W111 30.516
2.6   Crows Nest viewpoint on L
        N40 32.535 W111 30.855
3.0   Keep L (R = loop over to uphill trail)
        N40 32.403 W111 30.589
        Wild Turkey trail
3.7   Fork L (R = upper Spring Pond Loop)
        N40 32.417 W111 30.301
4.1   Back at 5-way, veer downhill soft L
        N40 32.293 W111 30.002
        (Straight = pipeline)
4.5   L downhill (R = to Links Drive)
        N40 32.029 W111 29.615
4.6   R on Huber Grove N40 32.062 W111 29.600
4.8   Back at parking
Getting there, Visitor Center:  From Provo Canyon, drive east to the end of Deer Creek Reservoir. Right where the water ends, turn left (north) on U-113. Zero your odometer. Drive north 3.8 miles into Midway. On Main Street, turn left (west) onto Highway 222 (may appear as 224 on maps). Follow the signs for Wasatch Mountain State Park staying on 222. Go two blocks west  to 200 East and turn north (right). At 200 North turn back west (left). After 1/2 mile SR 222 will turn north (right) again. After about a mile it will curve around to the west. At the intersection where Snake Creek Road is straight ahead and 222 turns right (north), keep straight, then immediately pull into the parking area of the Wasatch Mountain State Park visitor center.
From Salt Lake City, go up Parleys Canyon on I-80, then turn right (south) on US-40. Drive all the way into the middle of Heber, then at 100 South turn right on SR 113 to Midway. In Midway, continue straight as SR 113 turns south, and you'll be on SR 222. Go 2 blocks  to 200 East and turn right with 222 and follow the directions as above.