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Warner Valley Loop  (Cholla Challenge Trail)
This new course is located in Warner Valley, south of Hurricane and east of St. George. The Warner Valley Loop is eleven miles of singletrack full of whoops and wash crossings. There's about 300 feet of elevation change. At an altitude of 3100 feet, this area is only marginally cooler than St. George. In mid-summer, we recommend an early morning start time. See a second riding page for riding notes on the main Honeymoon -Temple Trail Loop (Loop 1).
Warner Valley (Loop 2) Riding Notes:
0.0  Passing through gate, trail is leftmost, ST
       GPS N 37 00.650' W 113 21.430'  Alt=3150
1.9  Pass through wash, then L on DT
       Through fence 
       GPS N 37 00.650' W 113 21.430'  Alt=3300
2.3  Fork R on DT
2.7  Keep straight (L)
2.8  Veer R onto ST as DT meets road
       GPS N 37 01.286' W 113 19.460'
       Turn back E into wash
3.0  Leave wash on R
3.1  Turn L uphill on DT
4.1  Turn R on road
       GPS N 37 00.922' W 113 18.306'
4.4  L on ST just before cattleguard
5.2  Cross DT, steep plunge into wash
5.4  Exit wash on R
6.5  L on road N 37 01.766' W 113 18.405'
       100 yards, then L on DT before cattleguard
7.0  Drop into wash
7.3  Out of wash on R
7.5  Cross road N 37 01.816' W 113 19.172'
7.6  R on DT 100 feet, then wide U-turn
       Head west down wash
7.7  Stay R (in wash bottom)
8.4  Out of wash on R
       N 37 01.500' W 113 19.902'
9.0  L and down into wash at water trough
       N 37 01.263' W 113 20.442'
       Head down wash bottom
9.8  L out of wash on ST
       N 37 01.184' W 113 21.067'
10.2 Cross road onto DT
10.6 Back at trailhead
Getting there (Southbound, through Hurricane): Get off I-15 at the Toquerville/ La Verkin exit and head south to Hurricane. Turn south at the Chevron Station in Hurricane (700 West). Go south 2 miles and turn right at 2060 South. (If you arrive at a T-intersection, with a right turn going into the airport, you went too far.) Follow the road west of the airport and past the Sky Ranch to end of the pavement at a cattleguard at about 6 miles. Keep straight. RESET your odometer. Go another 2.2 miles and turn right. Stay on the main road. 7.1 miles from the cattleguard, spot an open area on the left at GPS N 37 00.728' W 113 21.472'.
Getting there (East from St. George): Head south on River Road in St. George.  Immediately after crossing the Virgin River, at 1450 South on River Road, turn left (east). About 2 miles later, the road turns 90 degrees right onto 3000 East. Turn left again immediately (there should be a "Warner Valley" sign here, but it's missing - summer 2001) on 3650 South. Head east almost to the hills. Turn right on KD-JO Lane (830 E). After 1/2 mile the road will turn left, then right again to head south. At mile 5.4 from River Road, turn left on the gravel Warner Valley Road. Zero your odometer here! At mile 5.4 and 5.8, keep straight. At mile 7.3, turn right GPS N 37 00.832' W 113 22.632'. At mile 9.2, spot an open area on the right at GPS N 37 00.728' W 113 21.472'. (Caution: road has sandy sections. Passable most of the time in sedan, but check for current conditions.)

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