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Looking past the stock pond down the canyon.

Wardsworth Creek Trail
This single-track trail follows Wardsworth Creek up a side canyon off the Right Fork of Hobble Creek. Most riders do the first 3 miles of trail, up to the meadow and stock pond, for a 6-mile out-and-back. Vertical rise is 1100 feet, most of it coming during the last 1-1/2 miles. Technical difficulty is intermediate overall, but there are multiple rocky, tricky creek crossings that can be challenging. The trail starts where the Right Fork Hobble Creek road turns from pavement to gravel. Initial altitude is 6000 feet.

There are no branching trails (until you reach the stock pond at the top), so navigation is easy. The lower portion is very smooth, but the trail gets steeper and a bit rougher in the second half.
At the top, the Dry Creek Canyon Cutoff Trail forks off at the stock pond. This is where most bikers make the turn-around, doing the trail as an out-and-back. If you want, you can continue 4 miles further on the main trail to Halls Fork Road. Or, you can fork left and curve around to descend the canyon just downhill from Wardsworth, completing a loop.
Riding notes, Wardsworth to Dry Fork Loop ride:
0.0   Through gate and up ST
        N 40 11.735' W 111 23.505'  Alt=6050'
1.5   Keep L, ignore smaller ST on R
3.0   At pond, fork L on narrow ST
        N 40 13.498' W 111 22.744'  Alt=7175'
3.5   L on DT at ridgetop (Dry Fork Cutoff)
        Go 100 feet, then R on ST
        N 40 13.701' W 111 23.004'  Alt=7350'
6.8   Join Dry Fork trail
        N 40 12.510' W 111 23.505'  Alt=5875'
7.5   Gate, L on paved road (Dry Fork trailhead)
        N 40 12.050' W 111 25.079'
9.0   Back at Wardsworth Trailhead
Getting there: Take the south Springville exit (260) from I-15, turning east on U-77. Go straight through Springville. As you begin to climb the foothills, you'll come to a 4-way stop. Turn right, following the signs to Hobble Creek. Just past the golf course, the road forks. Keep right and drive 7.1 miles up the Right Fork. The trail begins on your left just before the bridge where the paved road turns to gravel. GPS N 40 11.735' W 111 23.505'.

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