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Virgin River Rim Trail  -  short riding options
Pink Cliffs Section (Loop): This loop takes you up to the fabulous views over the Pink Cliffs. Park where the Lars Fork Road branches off the Strawberry Creek (Forest Service) Road, about 4 miles from the highway. Ride up the Forest Service road. Either turn right where the trail crosses the road, or continue up to Strawberry Point then descend the singletrack (back to the same place) for a longer ride. Climb up to the cliffs, then descend and turn right when you reach the Lars Fork Road and ride the road back to your vehicle. About 14 miles for the long version, 10 miles without going to Strawberry Point.

Navajo Lake Section (Loop): This loop takes you up Navajo Peak, with views over the deep valleys to the south. Ride uphill, keeping right where the Navajo Lake Loop trail and Navajo trails fork off. Continue east over Navajo Peak, then descend to the Cascade Falls road. Turn left on the road. At both forks in the road, keep left, and you'll be on the road down to Navajo Lake. Watch for the Navajo Lake Loop trail as it crosses the road at GPS N 37 31.056' W 112 44.996'. Turn right on the singletrack, and go around the lake. (For a slightly shorter ride go left.) When you reach the road, turn right to get back to the trailhead. See the Navajo Lake Loop Trail page for additional details. About 17 miles.

Cliffside Shuttle Ride:  Leave your shuttle car at the Navajo Lake trailhead, where the trail reaches the Navajo Lake road. Then drive to Strawberry Point. Ride it as above, but you'll finish at Navajo Lake for a 20-mile ride. This ride covers all of the big views of the Rim Trail, and will still give you a major workout. To make the ride even shorter, and to eliminate the brutal climb up from Cascade Falls, consider leaving your shuttle at Cascade Falls. Ride from Strawberry Point to Cascade Falls for an 11-mile ride.

Getting there: From Cedar City, drive 11 miles east on U-14 to Woods Ranch. Leave a vehicle at the parking area of the second entrance (the gravel road that comes in parallel to the highway is the end of the trail). Continue east on U-14 to 33 miles from Cedar City, and turn right on Strawberry Road. Continue straight on the dirt road to Strawberry Point, 9 miles. You'll pass the trail marker on the left-hand side of the road about 1/2 mile before the overlook. For an overview of the entire Virgin River Rim Trail, and mile-by-mile riding milestones, use the VRRT trailguide page.

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Trail conditions change, and the layout of a trail may change without notice. Use this trail guide at your own risk.