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Virgin River Rim Trail
The Virgin River Rim Trail is a epic high-altitude alpine singletrack, skirting the edge of Utah's high southern plateau. This long trail offers excellent forested singletrack riding and some awesome views. For those who have strength, stamina, and are acclimatized to high altitude, you can ride the entire trail as a point-to-point (with shuttle) in 7-10 hours. You'll do 32.5 miles, with over 4200 vertical feet of climbing, at an average altitude of 9300 feet.  Peak altitude is 9700, base is 8200. The biggest and steepest single climb is 600 feet in 1.5 miles. For shorter rides, see our other trail guide.
Trailhead Strawberry Point, 9 miles up Strawberry Road (Forest Service Road), descend down road
0.5 leave Forest Service Road onto singletrack on right GPS N 37 26.284' W 112 42.129', altitude 9000 feet
1.8 cross Forest Service Road, altitude 8400 feet, begin climbing
2.6 doubletrack joins trail from right (continue straight)
2.9 exit doubletrack onto singletrack on left
3.5 cross doubletrack, then small (usually dry) creek
4.3 doubletrack merges in from left
4.4 exit doubletrack onto singletrack on right
5.3 cross doubletrack, then 2nd doubletrack 200 feet later
6.9 Lars Fork road on right side, cross loop of road (2 crossings), climb switchbacks with road on right side
11.1 cross Cascade Falls road near overlook (trail is across road, left of outhouse), altitude 9000 feet
13.5 intersect Dike Trail, altitude 9600 feet, continue straight and descend
14.7 intersect Spruces Campground trail on right, saddle at 9300 feet, continue straight, begin climb
15.5 top of Navajo Peak, altitude 9700 feet, generally flat and up-and-down
16.0 intersect Navajo Trail, keep left (straight), descending
18.5 merge with Navajo Lake Loop Trail, keep left (straight)
20.1 reach paved road, altitude 9100 feet (campground just across road has water tap), turn left on road
20.2 go right on doubletrack GPS N 37 32.020' W 112 49.303' as road turns south, begin descent
20.7 singletrack trail abruptly turns right off doubletrack (if you reach a gate, you went too far), 9000 feet
26.5 turn right uphill on doubletrack, altitude 9000
26.7 fence/gate, continue straight ahead on doubletrack
27.1 doubletrack turns right in sharp switchback, go straight onto singletrack at corner of switchback
27.6 reach Webster Flat road, look left - singletrack continues on the other side of the bend in the road
28.3 top of mountain, 9400 feet, go over sheep grate in fence, descend
29.4 trail rejoins Webster Flat road, turn right on the road, descend
32.1 doubletrack reaches gravel road, turn right
32.5 road enters parking area at Woods Ranch GPS N 37 35.455' W 112 55.032'
Getting there: From Cedar City, drive 11 miles east on U-14 to Woods Ranch. Leave a vehicle at the parking area of the second entrance (the gravel road that comes in parallel to the highway is the end of the trail). Continue east on U-14 to 33 miles from Cedar City, and turn right on Strawberry Road and keep straight to Strawberry Point, 9 miles. You'll pass the trail marker on the left-hand side of the road about 1/2 mile before the overlook.

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Trail conditions and layout change. Use this trail guide at your own risk.