UOP Bobsled Loop
The Utah Olympic Park Bobsled Loop is located west of the UOP bobsled track, a few miles north of Park City. It's a highly scenic ride. But like most Park City biking, you'll be climbing a mountain. There's no fee to ride the trails on UOP property. The trail can be done as a stand-alone loop, or as part of a longer ride using other Olympic Park trails. The loop is 6.4 miles with 1200 feet of elevation change.
Trail conditions, alignments, and connections will change. Use this guide at your own risk. UtahMountainBiking.com 2016.
Riding notes, simple counterclockwise loop ride:
0.0   Parking along Olympic Parkway
        Uphill on singletrack at apex of road turn
         N40 42.709 W111 34.010
0.5    R = easier N40 42.591 W111 34.037
0.6    Trails rejoin N40 42.604 W111 34.062
2.1    R = easier N40 42.490 W111 34.346
2.3    Trails rejoin N40 42.470 W111 34.336
2.4    R = easier N40 42.445 W111 34.347
2.6    Trails rejoin N40 42.406 W111 34.339
2.9    Top of mountain N40 42.272 W111 34.355
4.9    Go L N40 42.309 W111 33.856
         (R = to bobsled building)
6.2    L onto road N40 42.577 W111 33.938
6.4   At parking
Big Ride w RTS, Iron Bill, Legacy, Bobsled (14 mi):
0.0   RTS Trailhead, through fence
         R (then stay L, ignore smaller "cheat" route)
         N40 42.970 W111 33.254
1.9    R uphill onto UOP N40 42.856 W111 33.446
2.0    Road; cross downhill to ST
2.5    Turn L (R = to slide unloading)
         N40 42.685 W111 33.376
3.5    R uphill onto Legacy connector
         N40 42.308 W111 33.433
3.8    R on Legacy Loop N40 42.398 W111 33.492
3.9    R to stay on Loop N40 42.450 W111 33.546
         (L = return from Legacy Ridge)
         Pass foot trail to skills area on L
4.0    Keep L (R = to parking for slide)
         N40 42.497 W111 33.596
4.2    Downhill L toward Bobsled facility
         N40 42.374 W111 33.713
         Uphill and west on pavement
4.3    ST at far west end, go R downhill
         N40 42.309 W111 33.857
5.6    L downhill on road N40 42.577 W111 33.938
5.8    L uphill on ST N40 42.709 W111 34.010
         (Keep R at three trail forks during climb)
8.7    Top of hill
10.7  Keep straight to pavement
         N40 42.309 W111 33.857
         Retrace route
10.8  ST uphill on R
         N40 42.319 W111 33.757
10.9  Hard R on Legacy Loop
         N40 42.373 W111 33.715
         100 feet, then hard L Legacy Ridge
         N40 42.368 W111 33.712
11.4  R to rejoin Legacy Loop
         N40 42.448 W111 33.544
11.5  Keep L for stem of loop
         N40 42.409 W111 33.489
11.7  Keep L for Iron Bill
         N40 42.308 W111 33.433
13.4  R on 2nd portion RTS loop
         N40 42.854 W111 33.446
13.9  R for RTS trailhead
Getting there:
RTS Trailhead:  From I-80, take the Park City Kimball Junction exit. Turn south toward Park City. 0.4 miles from the freeway, turn right on the Olympic Parkway. At the roundabout, go 3/4 around (effectively a left turn) to head south on Olympic Parkway. The road will begin climbing. At one mile from I-80, turn right into a gravel parking area. The RTS loop is just inside the break in the fence.
Olympic Parkway lower parking:  Note!  The Olympic Park is closed at night and the gates will be locked. Check the closing time to be sure you'll be finished or your car may be locked inside!  Keep on Olympic Parkway past the Olympic Park. As the road leaves the developed area, you'll see a parking strip on the right side of the road, just before the road turns sharply left. Park here. The north end of the trail is at the apex of the turn. The south side of the trail is 0.2 mile uphill on the right side of the road.
Bobsled facility:  Continue uphill to the top and park near the bobsled building. The trail is immediately west of the top of the facility.
Bear Hollow:  Turn off Highway 224 on Bear Hollow Drive. Go uphill past Rob's Trail. Go to the UOP gate and turn around. Head downhill to a wide spots on the west side of the road to park (no parking in the circle below the gate). Go through the bicycle entrance on the left side of the gate, then follow the pavement left above the bobsled facility to the trail.