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UFO Trail
The UFO mountain biking trail is part of the Klondike Bluffs system. This trail is a connector between Baby Steps South and Little Salty. You reach it via other trails in the system. The listed ride is a 12-mile lariat loop. Many riders use UFO as a bypass when riding the Baby Steps Loop. UFO is 1.6 miles long. There's no overall elevation change between the two ends. Up-and-down riding creates 150 vertical feet of climbing when riding either direction. UFO is one of the easier trails in the Klondike system. Most of the trail is easy technical and easy aerobic, but in the middle of the ride there are a couple of switchbacks on a short-but-stiff climb that beginning riders will have to walk.
Riding notes, 12-mile lariat loop:
0.0   Cross cattleguard, east on Klondike DT
         N38 46.418 W109 42.735
0.8    DT splits, take ST in middle (Dino Flow)
         N38 46.998 W109 43.072
1.9    R uphill on Baby Steps South (DT)
         N38 47.590 W109 43.556
2.2    Junction w EKG, keep straight uphill
         N38 47.746 W109 43.287
2.7    R off DT onto ST
         N38 48.018 W109 42.880
3.5    Fork L (R=to Klondike)
         N38 47.957 W109 42.584
4.0    L on ST
         N38 48.286 W109 42.690

5.3    Back to DT, L
         N38 48.398 W109 42.772
5.5    L to ST UFO
         N38 48.495 W109 42.905
7.2    L downhill on Little Salty
         N38 48.778 W109 43.581
7.7    L on EKG
         N38 48.589 W109 43.925
9.5    R downhill on Baby Steps
         N38 47.746 W109 43.287
9.8    L on Dino Flow
          N38 47.590 W109 43.556
11.0  Back at fork, straight onto DT
         N38 46.998 W109 43.072
11.8  Back at parking

Getting there: Starting at the Colorado River, drive 15 miles north from Moab. Look for a turnout with parking on the right and a sign for Klondike Bluffs Road. There will usually be cars parked there (GPS N 38 44.452' W 109 44.037'). For a longer ride, park here and ride up the road.  Most cyclists will choose to go through the gate and drive 2.7 miles. Keep left at the fork. At 2.8 miles, park your car in the broad parking area by the fence. Go eastbound across the cattleguard through the fence and begin your ride.

Note: Map color-coded to show named trails individually. Does not correspond to described loop above.

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