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Two Tortoise Rock Loop
Two Tortoise is an ATV and 4x4 route connecting the Gold Bar Rim 4x4 road to the Bull Canyon road. It's located just below the Gemini Bridges area north of Moab. Most riders will use Two Tortoise as an alternate more-fun route to Bull Canyon, or as one side of a loop including the Little Canyon Singletrack. Our "featured ride" is a loop using the lower Gemini Bridges road, part of Gold Bar Rim, Two Tortoise, part of Bull Canyon, and the Little Canyon Singletrack.
Two Tortoise Loop from Gemini/Old 191:
0.0   Southbound on Gemini Bridges Road
        N38 39.378 W109 40.692
4.6   L on Gold Bar Rim N38 36.062 W109 40.463
5.1   Keep L - parking for short loop
        N38 35.830 W109 40.221
        (R=sandy connector to Little Canyon ST)
5.2   Pass Gold Bar Singletrack
        N38 35.881 W109 40.143
5.7   Fork R on Two Tortoise
        N38 35.866 W109 39.742
7.7   Fork R (L = dead end) N38 34.797 W109 40.306
7.9   Keep L N38 34.830 W109 40.379
8.5   R on Bull Canyon Rd N38 34.934 W109 40.899
        Alternate = L to Bull Canyon
9.5   Left on Little Canyon ST
        N38 35.729 W109 41.007
10.7 Keep R (L = sandy DT to Gold Bar)
        N38 35.683 W109 40.194
10.9 L downhill on Gold Bar
        N38 35.881 W109 40.143
11.5 R on Gemini Bridges Rd
16.1 Back at 191

Getting there:
Gemini Bridges TH: From I-70 drive south on US-191 for 22 miles. From Moab, drive 7 miles north of the Colorodo. Turn west (left if you're coming from Moab) into the parking area. GPS N 38 39.381' W 109 40.672'. To avoid a parking fee (private lot), go across 191 to the Bar M parking.
Gold Bar Rim road parking: Drive up the Gemini Bridges road 4.6 miles, and fork L toward Gold Bar Rim and drive along the wash 0.5 miles. You can park near the wash at N38 35.849 W109 40.304. Begin by riding up the hill.
Old 191 parking: Go to the north end of Moab. Just south of the Colorado River, turn east on Highway 128. Immediately turn left and descend to the parking area. Start your ride on the paved bike path northbound.

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