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Twisted Forest
The Twisted Forest ride is a gravel and dirt-road ride that takes you to a unique wilderness hiking trail and a mountain summit with 330 degrees of beautiful views. This ride is best considered an activity involving mountain biking -- rather than as an awesome bike ride by itself -- because gravel road isn't why you come to the Brian Head area. The Twisted Forest ride is a good activity for a family after you've spent enough time bombing down the trails at Brian Head.
From the bottom of Dry Lakes Road and continuing all the way to High Mountain, it's 19.3 miles round trip, with 2200 vertical feet of climbing. For the first 4 miles, you'll climb steadily 400 feet per mile.
From Brian Head via Aspen Drive, you'll climb only 500 feet and ride 12.8 miles. (If you skip the climb up to High Mountain, the ride totals 7.7 miles.) The initial climb up Aspen Drive is very steep. If you're riding with pre-teen children, consider driving the first mile.
The Twisted Forest trail is 1/2 mile long, in the Ashdown George Wilderness. Bikes are NOT allowed. 

Ride Notes, out-and-back via Dry Lakes Road
0.0  Uphill on Dry Lakes Road
4.5  Intersection with Aspen Drive Route (900 N)
       Keep straight N 37 42.816' W 112 52.201'
       (*From U-143 via Aspen Drive is 1.2)
5.9  Sugarloaf Mountain Road in from L (*2.6)
       Keep straight N 37 41.700' W 112 52.716'
6.9  Fork L on smaller DT in meadow on ridge (*3.6)
       N 37 41.155' W 112 53.344'
       1/4 mile to Twisted Forest - HIKE
       1/4 mile back to main road
7.4  Back on Dry Lakes Road, go L (*4.1)
8.1  High Mountain Trail on L, keep straight (*4.8)
       N 37 40.825' W 112 53.824'
8.7  Fork L on smaller DT  (*5.4)
       N 37 40.726' W 112 54.270'
9.9  Top of High Mountain, turn around (*6.6)
Ride Notes, from Brian Head via Aspen Drive
0.0  Uphill through several switchbacks
       Keep on main road, descend at 0.4
1.2  Left on Dry Lakes Road
       See mileages above
Getting there:  From I-15, turn into Parowan. Follow the signs, turning onto U-143 towards Brian Head. Zero your odometer. 7.1 miles later, Dry Lakes Road is on your left. For the longer ride, park on the shoulder here and head up the gravel road. GPS N 37 45.425' W 112 50.646', altitude 7700 feet.
Aspen Drive: At the downhill end of Brian Head, just uphill from the "Brian Head" sign, gravel Aspen Drive heads west from U-143 (right if you're headed uphill). A blue "ATV Trail" sign is on a tree. Just uphill is Fir Drive (which joins Aspen). GPS N 37 42.579' W 112 51.121', altitude 9450 feet.
Sugarloaf Mountain Road: At the uphill end of Brian Head, the Sugarloaf Mountain Road heads west (right if you're headed uphill).

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