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Treadstone Trail in Eagle Mountain, includes Deer Tracks Trail
The Treadstone Trail is part of the Eagle Mountain trails in the Hidden Canyon area. Treadstone is 3.3 miles long with an altitude gain of 250 feet (from a base of 5250). A short connecting trail, Deer Tracks, intercepts Treadstone near its southern end near the Race Loop trailhead. The loop ride below starts at the Pony Express Parkway, reaching Treadstone via Hidden Canyon and Cow Tracks. It's 4.7 miles.
Trail connections, conditions, and alignments will change. Use this guide at your own risk. UtahMountainBiking 2016.
Riding notes, Treadstone Loop from Pony Express:
0.0   Intersection Pony Express Pkwy and Hidden Valley Pkwy
        East on paved trail (south side of Pony Express)
        100 feet, singletrack uphill on the right
        N40 21.344 W111 59.483
0.7   Cross DT N40 21.069 W111 59.065
        100 feet, then fork R (to Cow Tracks)
        N40 21.049 W111 59.032
        50 feet, cross DT N40 21.038 W111 59.036
1.0   Keep R for Cow Tracks (L = Ridgeline ST)
        N40 20.943 W111 58.911
1.6   R on DT N40 20.597 W111 58.592
        100 ft across to far west side
(1.6 continued)
       R uphill on ST (Deer Tracks)
        N40 20.563 W111 58.613
1.8   R on Treadstone
        N40 20.486 W111 58.730
4.0   Trail turns N (future ST fork?)
4.2   ST joins dirt road N40 21.001 W111 59.320
4.3   Keep L and join main dirt road
        N40 21.053 W111 59.329
4.5   Straight down pavement
4.7   Back at Pony Express
Getting there:
Take the I-15 Lehi Main Street exit and turn west. Continue west on SR-73, crossing Redwood Road (11600 West). Continue westbound uphill. Just after climbing the hill, turn left at the stop light onto The Ranches Parkway. At Pony Express Parkway, turn right. The road will veer a bit south (left), then back west (right) as you get one mile from Ranches Parkway. After you pass a large hill on your left, just before Hidden Hollow Elementary, take the next left. Go uphill to the end of the pavement and it will become Hidden Canyon road.
Hidden Canyon Trail:  The paved trail eastbound directly along Pony Express will take you to the Hidden Canyon trail for the larger loop ride.
Race Loop trailhead:  If you're driving to the main Race Loop trailhead, take the dirt road. Keep generally left and heading southeast at all road forks, staying just below the slope of the hill on your left. When you reach the broad valley and see a bunch of competing road forks at mile 1.3 from Pony Express Parkway, you're there.