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Trailside Loop and Skills Park
Trailside Park is located about a mile south of I-80 and a mile west of US-40 near Silver Creek Junction. There's a one-mile, well-groomed singletrack loop. But the main reason to come here is the Skills Park, located on top of the ridge at the southern end of the loop. The skills park features balance beams, ramps, teeter-totters, rockpiles, logpiles, dirt jumps, and rock ledge-drops of varying difficulty.

The quickest way to the Skills area is to keep left at the first trail fork, but either way will get you there.
The park has bathrooms, picnic area, and a big playground. The whole family can have fun here. The singletrack loop is very wide and smooth, perfect for pulling a trailer full of kid. Warm up on the one-mile loop, then go nuts on the fun stuff while the non-bikers hit the playground.

Getting there:  From Salt Lake City, go east on I-80 over Parley's Summit. Skip the Park City exit, and exit at the US-40 (Heber, Silver Creek) exit a couple of miles later. Turn right on US-40. 1/2 mile later, exit at Silver Summit and turn right on Silver Summit Parkway. A mile later, you'll come to a stop sign. Here the main road turns right, and you'll see a parking area straight ahead. Look left, and you'll see a dirt trail going uphill alongside a paved trail. (The dirt trail's the one you want.) Go through the stop sign and find a spot to park, then backtrack to the dirt trail and start uphill.

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