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Tour des Suds
The Tour des Suds is one of the best-known classic Park City trails, but it's been chopped up a bit by road construction recently. It's still a good route uphill if you're aiming for a cruise on other trails such as Sam's, John's 99, TG1, TG2, and (in the other direction) the trails of Deer Valley such as Flagstaff, Naildriver, and Deer Camp. 
Uphill navigation on Tour des Suds:
0.0   Start just past end of pavement in Daly Canyon
0.25 Singletrack entering trees on left side of road
        (mileage assumes you went up road)
0.7   Curve around water tank, left uphill at fork
        N40 37.634 W111 30.151
1.0   Road turns R, note singletrack comes in on L
        Turn R at fork just past turn in road
        N40 37.786 W111 29.815
1.2   Curve L - don't go straight onto faint singletrack
1.3   Keep generally left and straight N40 37.708 W111 29.867
        (Alternates route shortcut through)
1.4   Keep straight (Alt = R uphill) N40 37.591 W111 29.899
1.5   R uphill N40 37.547 W111 29.923
1.6   Fork L (Straight = Empire Link, R = down)
        N40 37.594 W111 29.936
2.1   Paved road, R uphill 100 feet, L uphill
        N40 37.227 W111 29.746
        Navigate complex to climb southbound
2.3   R on Midmountain N40 37.140 W111 29.75
2.5   Keep L uphill N40 37.178 W111 29.844
2.8   Straight and level at Team Big Bear
        N40 37.111 W111 30.155
        Stay on Midmountain
3.1   L uphill on Tour des Suds N40 37.025 W111 30.406
3.9   Gravel road N40 36.668 W111 30.388
        Option: L and climb pavement to go directly to TG
        R on road 
4.3   at 90-degree L turn N40 36.850 W111 30.025
        Stay on road if going to Team Big Bear
        Hard R for Moose Bones (westbound to TG)
           4.6  Ruby-to-Empire crosses, stay L uphill
                  N40 36.766 W111 30.087
           4.7  Ruby-to-Moosebones comes in on L
           5.0  Cross road N40 36.524 W111 30.329
           5.1  Downhill (R) on road N40 36.472 W111 30.382
           5.2  Enter TG at corner N40 36.428 W111 30.470
4.4   Team Big Bear on L side of road
         N40 36.899 W111 30.029
         180-L to descend Team Big Bear
         Straight (R) to climb to Flagstaff

Getting there:  Go south in Park City until the road dumps onto Main Street. Follow it uphill into Daly Canyon. When you hit dirt, park and head uphill on the gravel road. N 40 37.983' W 111 29.841'

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