Tommy's Two Step - Small loop with Mojave
Tommy's Two Step is a singletrack trail in the Park City Mountain Resort area connecting the top of the Steps trail to Midmountain. It's good for either climbing or descending. The trail is new in 2013, with broad track and smooth banked turns. This expert-level loop will be 18.2 miles with 3100 vertical feet of climbing. It incorporates plenty of easier stuff, then throws some advanced trail at you -- Fat Lip, Black Forest, and Johns. It also requires a bit more route-finding skill. A GPS with track file (or experience with the area) is highly recommended!
Riding notes for intermediate (Keystone) loop
0.0   Edge of parking, looking southwest to Alpine Slide
        N40 39.172 W111 30.519
0.1   To log squeeze chute, start CMG
        N40 39.023 W111 30.511
1.0   Cross doubletrack N40 38.598 W111 30.657
1.5   Cross Jenni's Trail (straight and L)
        N40 38.636 W111 30.883
3.2   Up on DT, hard L onto Midmountain
        N40 38.258 W111 31.445
3.8   Straight onto Mojave N40 38.411 W111 31.427
4.8   R out to upper Mojave N40 37.851 W111 31.246
5.7   Straight uphill onto Keystone
        N40 37.700 W111 31.506
6.0   Keep R to Fat Lip N40 37.556 W111 31.490
7.0   R uphill on McConkey Rd N40 37.034 W111 31.732
7.1   R uphill on ST Black Forest N40 36.969 W111 31.736
7.8   Cross McConkey Rd N40 36.984 W111 31.514
8.6   Keep L join TG N40 37.369 W111 31.029
8.8   L on Midmountain N40 37.518 W111 30.931
8.9   Straight as Link crosses MM
        N40 37.483 W111 31.010
10.1 L onto Tommy's Two Step (climb)
        N40 37.793 W111 30.912
10.7 Keep straight N40 37.728 W111 31.093
11.3 R (L = to Keystone) N40 37.630 W111 31.226
11.7 R downhill on Steps N40 37.840 W111 31.195
12.7 Veer L (R = uphill to Tommys)
        N40 37.735 W111 31.081
13.0 Keep straight (don't join Midmountain)
        N40 37.875 W111 30.915
        Descend to R side of lift
        Climb trail N40 37.949 W111 30.680
13.3 R on Johns (straight = up to top of Jenni's)
        N40 38.019 W111 30.566
14.6 Keep L twice (R = to 4:20)
        N40 38.414 W111 30.196
        Stay on Johns main trail
15.0 L toward Sweeneys
        N40 38.499 W111 30.162
15.1 Keep straight, climb to Flat Cable
        N40 38.515 W111 30.254
        Stay straight and northbound
        Drop into switchbacks of Flat Cable
15.5 Straight as Flat Cable turns
        N40 38.593 W111 30.427
        Head for Jenni's (200 feet, in trees)
15.6 Straight (L = Jenni's up, R = down to lift)
        N40 38.552 W111 30.487
16.8 Hard L onto CMG
        N40 38.640 W111 30.901
        (No downhill on Jenni's)
18.2 At Parking
Getting there:  In Park City, follow the signs to Park City Mountain Resort. As you see the first parking area, turn in and park there. Look to the southwest (toward the main resort. Pedal toward the spot where the parking lot meets the condos. As you reach a wire gate, the gravel doubletrack that heads uphill toward the Alpine Slide is the beginning of our ride. As you reach pavement again, you'll pass the entry to Jenni's Trail (to your right). Look to the left. See the log squeeze chute? That's the start of the Crescent Mine Grade (CMG) trail.

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