Tidal Wave Trail  -  Loop climbing Homeward Bound
Tidal Wave is a 2.7 mile downhill-only trail at Deer Valley. It runs from the top of the ski lifts on Bald Mountain to Silver Lake Lodge, dropping 1100 vertical feet. Top altitude is 9200 feet. The trail is extensively machined for smooth fast riding punctuated by table jumps and high-speed corners. Most riders will pay to do this trail as a lift-served ride, and that's my recommendation. This loop ride is 5.2 miles.

Riding notes, Homeward Bound to Tidal Wave's top:
0.0    South to ST underneath lift
         N40 37.257 W111 29.301
0.05  Keep R for Homeward Bound
         N40 37.221 W111 29.298
0.2    Cross DT (L to climb service road)
         N40 37.152 W111 29.285
0.3    R to stay on Homeward Bound
         N40 37.025 W111 29.293
1.4   Cross Deer Camp
        N40 36.526 W111 29.413
1.7   Straight (Naildriver on L)
         N40 36.334 W111 29.250
1.8    Cross Tidal Wave
         N40 36.336 W111 29.140
         100 feet then keep L
         (R = to Bowhunter)
2.3    R uphill on road
         N40 36.462 W111 28.985
2.5    L downhill to Tidal Wave
         and Aspen Slalom
         N40 36.584 W111 28.974
Riding notes, Tidal Wave downhill:
0.0    Top of Tidal Wave / Aspen Slalom
N40 36.584 W111 28.974
         100 feet, then keep straight
0.4    Join then leave (cross) service road
         N40 36.527 W111 29.120
0.5    Keep straight (Sunset crosses)
         N40 36.473 W111 29.144
         100 feet and keep straight again
         N40 36.445 W111 29.147
 0.7    Straight (Homeward Bound crosses)
         N40 36.336 W111 29.140
1.1    Straight (Deer Camp crosses)
         N40 36.479 W111 29.482
1.9    L on Ontario Bowl Road
         N40 36.636 W111 29.519
         Immediate R on ST
2.7    Drop into lift area
         N40 37.249 W111 29.314
Getting there, Silver Lake Lodge:  In Park City, follow the signs toward Deer Valley Resort. To get to the upper (Silver Lake) lodge, turn left on Royal Drive just after the road divides -- before you actually see the Snow Park lodge. Drive 4 miles uphill, following the signs. When you come to a parking lot on your right, surrounded by tall buildings, pull in. From the lot, angle southeast between buildings until you arrive at a wide open area with chairlifts and a ticket sales office.