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Big Hole Loop -- Three Peaks Trail System
The Big Hole Loop lies on the northern end of the Three Peaks Trail System. It's an intermediate ride that offers a lot of views. It's significantly less technical than the main Three Peaks Loop. The ride below is 7 miles with 500 vertical feet of climbing. It should be within the abilities of a solidly experienced intermediate mountain biker.
Riding notes, Big Hole Loop:
0.0   Left through fence then keep R
        N37 46.017 W113 10.090
0.2   Fork L (straight = Practice Loop)
        N37 46.145 W113 10.147
0.4   Keep L and West past pavilion
        N37 46.173 W113 10.242
0.5   Keep straight (join Race Loop)
        N37 46.181 W113 10.310
1.0   R off DT onto ST Race Loop
        N37 46.267 W113 10.674
1.1   Keep L (R = Outlaw)
        N37 46.333 W113 10.765
1.6   Fork L (R = Short Cut)
        N37 46.646 W113 11.030
1.9   Keep straight (L = Three Peaks)
        N37 46.541 W113 11.247
2.0   Fork L on Earl's
        N37 46.627 W113 11.312
2.3   Rejoin Race Course, L uphill
        N37 46.807 W113 11.246
2.8   L on Big Hole
        N37 47.061 W113 10.950
3.5   Fork R (L = Three Peaks)
        N37 46.971 W113 11.441
5.3   Keep R (L = Orange Fork)
        N37 46.955 W113 10.118
5.6   Fork L on Lost World
        N37 46.901 W113 10.350
5.9   Keep R (L = Orange Fork)
        N37 46.702 W113 10.258
6.1   Keep L (R = Sweet Pea)
        N37 46.576 W113 10.359
6.3   L on Practice Loop
        N37 46.510 W113 10.215
7.2   Back at trailhead
Getting there: Just north of Cedar City, take the Enoch/Minersville I-15 exit #62. Go north on U-130 (towards Minersville) 2.6 miles, then turn left on Midvalley Road. Drive 6 miles straight west. Pass the "welcome area" which is the first turnout. Now watch for the sign indicating the Mountain Bike Trailhead. Turn right on a gravel road into the trailhead. The ride starts behind the kiosk and the picnic table.

Camping:  On site, option group or individual sites, option developed vs primitive
Water:  Trailhead, pavilion, and campground
Bathrooms:  Trailhead, campground, picnic area, pavilion
Bike services:  Cedar Cycle in Cedar City