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Temple Mountain Trail
This trail is an ATV track that loops around Temple Mountain in the southern San Rafael Swell. The Ridge lariat loop climbs 700 vertical (a stiff 400 feet of it in 3/4 mile) to a ridgeline between the San Rafael Reef and Temple Mountain, then drops back 600, which you regain climbing around the north end of Temple Mountain, for a total of 1300 feet of climbing. Difficulty is intermediate due to some loose rock and occasional wash-outs. (The alternate Temple Wash loop is a slightly shorter loop with less climbing that connects through North Temple Wash.)
Riding notes, Ridge Loop:
0.0  From parking on the paved road, go west
       (Alternate: from roadside, backtrack east.
       If starting from the alternate parking,
       subtract 1.6 miles from the milage below.)
1.7  At first doubletrack on R, turn R
       N 38 39.883' W 110 40.803'  alt=5400'
       Go through wash, climb along edge of cliffs
2.1  Keep R (L connects to return loop)
2.4  Keep straight (R) at top of climb
       N 38 40.463' W 110 40.627'  alt=5800'
3.0  Straight (L)
3.4  Ridgetop, trail turns R
       N 38 41.034' W 110 40.509'  alt=6000'
3.9  Keep straight R (L zigs down hill)
       N 38 40.922' W 110 40.026'  alt=5700'
4.6  Hard L on road from N Temple Wash
       N 38 40.850' W 110 39.322'  alt=5400'
4.9  Straight L (R is Orange Trail)
       N 38 41.103' W 110 39.408'
5.5  Pass wooden mine cabins, keep R
5.6  Keep straight R
       N 38 41.142' W 110 40.089'
6.2  Keep straight L (R connects to main road)
       N 38 41.407' W 110 40.459'   alt=5830'
6.7  Fork R (down). Peak altitude
       N 38 41.508' W 110 40.831'  alt=6010'
7.3  Keep straight (L)
       N 38 41.199' W 110 41.208'
8.5  Fork R downhill (L connects to outgoing trail)
       N 38 40.416' W 110 40.794'  alt=5630'
8.9  DT from cabins joins on R
9.2  Main dirt road, turn L
       N 38 39.946' W 110 40.911'  alt=5400'
11.0 Back at car, alt=5300'
Getting there: Heading southeast on US-6 near Green River, turn right onto I-70. 8.1 miles later, take Exit 149 for Hanksville/Goblin Valley. Turn left (south) and drive 23.5 miles, then turn right on the paved road towards Goblin Valley and Temple Mountain. Five miles later, park on the right side of the road, where the Goblin Valley Road turns left (south). N 38 39.194' W 110 39.260'. Begin riding west on pavement (the direction you were driving in your car) towards Temple Mountain.
Alternate:  Continue in your car through the Reef. About 1/4 mile after the pavement turns to dirt, spot a doubletrack on the right (near the sign). That's the "over-the-ridge" route. 0.2 mile later, there's room to park on the right. To the right across the wash, spot the doubletrack that follows the BASE of the ledges heading northwest. That's the return trail.

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