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Sunshine Loop
The Sunshine Loop is a nice peaceful ride with pretty desert scenery, away from civilization. Most of the ride is in Arizona. The official loop is 8.6 miles, but I recommend the longer loop trail (as described here), 11.0 miles in length, with a slow elevation gain of 400 feet. While the trail is intermediate technical, easy aerobic, it's very hot on summer afternoons. And because it involves a lot of wash-bottom riding, do not attempt this ride when wet.
Trail conditions change, and the layout of a trail may change without notice. Use this trail guide at your own risk.
Riding notes, clockwise loop:
0.0   Back N on dirt road
        N36 59.987 W113 28.167
0.2   R on road after cattleguard
        N37 00.133 W113 28.039
0.8   Through gate on R
        N37 00.004 W113 27.463
1.0   Fork R
        N36 59.959 W113 27.267
3.3   Fork R
        N36 58.418 W113 26.270
3.4   Enter wash
3.8  For traditional loop, R out of wash
        N36 58.053 W113 26.367

---    For longer loop (recommended), next panel
4.9   Through fence, fork R
        N36 57.392 W113 26.848
5.1   Straight (keep R)
        N36 57.452 W113 27.090
6.2   R on road
        N36 58.177 W113 27.485
8.6   Back at parking
3.8  For Long Loop, keep L in wash
        N36 58.053 W113 26.367
5.1  Stock pond, stay L in wash
        N36 57.095 W113 26.080
       (R=shortcut over moutain)
5.6  Wash tops out; over rise and veer R
        Into new wash heading downhill
6.2   L out of wash
        N36 56.927 W113 26.055
        R on larger road
        N36 56.921 W113 26.077
6.5   (option ST on L)
        N36 57.030 W113 26.435
6.6   Turn R off road under power line
        N36 57.081 W113 26.509
7.1   Keep straight (L)
        N36 57.392 W113 26.848
7.3   Keep straight (R)
        N36 57.452 W113 27.090
8.4   R on road
        N36 58.177 W113 27.485
10.8 Back at parking
Getting there: Head south on River Road in St. George. (River Road is reached by turning left at the St. George Blvd exit from I-15, then right at the light. From the Bluff Street exit, turn left and drive about 1/2 mile on Riverside Dr, turning right at the light where it intersects River Road.) Immediately after crossing the Virgin River, at 1450 South on River Road, turn left (east). About 2 miles later, the road turns 90 degrees right and becomes 3000 East. Turn left again immediately (there should be a "Warner Valley" sign here, but it's missing - summer 2001) on 3650 South. Head east almost to the hills. Turn right on KD-JO Lane (830 E). After 1/2 mile the road will turn left, then right again to head south. At mile 5.4 from River Road, keep straight past the gravel Warner Valley Road ( on your left). The road will turn to gravel at a cattleguard. Around mile 9, follow the main road as it veers left (east). At 9.4, the road forks. Turn right, cross the cattleguard, and go through Fort Pearce Wash. At mile 9.6, the trailhead parking is on the left side of the road, just past the Arizona border.