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Summit Park Trails -- Road to WOS, Short Stack, Short Ribs
The Summit Park trails offer well-designed fun singletrack in cool fir forest. The riding starts at 7300 feet elevation, climbing up via your choice of two paths to an undulating traverse on the upper mountain at 7900. Because the riding is on a north-facing slope, the riding season is mid- to late-June through mid-October. The trail is an easier-intermediate technical ride, and can be handled by experienced beginners. The sustained climbing during the first part of the ride puts this ride outside the capabilities of most young children. Strong pre-teens will do fine.
Loop (plus a loop) from Short Stack:
0.0   Park on Innsbruck Strasse
        N40 44.467 W111 37.052
        Climb Short Stack singletrack
1.2   Keep L uphill (R = Short Ribs)
        Road to WOS N40 44.191 W111 37.228
1.5   Keep L uphill N40 43.998 W111 37.325
3.4   L straight onto Short Ribs
        N40 43.990 W111 37.017
3.8   Hard L on Road to WOS
        N40 44.191 W111 37.228
6.0   Back at fork, R downhill
        N40 43.990 W111 37.017
6.8   Pavement at TH, go L uphill
        N40 44.115 W111 36.976
        Pavement turns into gravel DT
7.6   Back at car at Short Stack
Getting there, Short Stack trailhead.  At the top of Parley's Canyon, take the Parley's Summit exit from I-80. Turn south (right if you're exiting after climbing from Salt Lake City). Immediately turn to the right to head west along the freeway on Aspen Drive, which becomes Maple Drive. Keep to the right at all road intersections. Follow the main road as it turns left uphill and becomes Crestview Drive. Again keep right as Crestview veers left, and you'll be on Innsbruck Strasse. The pavement will turn to dirt. A bit further uphill, you'll see the trail on the right side of the road. Now find a place to park.
Road to WOS trailhead.  Get onto Aspen/Maple Drive as above. Take the left fork where Crestview turns eastward. As you reach a Y intersection, go right on Parkview Drive. Now stay on Parkview until you hit the T intersection with Matterhorn Drive. Cross the road to find a spot to park. The trailhead is just a bit east of the intersection on the south side of the road. It starts as a gravel doubletrack for around 100 yards before becoming dirt singletrack.
Note:  You can't drive the doubletrack between Short Stack and Road to WOS. There are two ride-around gates.
Trail conditions, alignment, and connections will change. Use this trail guide at your own risk.
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