Strawberry Narrows Trail   - on-trail guide
The Strawberry Narrows Trail is a 12-mile singletrack that skirts the southern edge of the narrow band of water joining Strawberry Reservoir to Soldier Creek Reservoir. It begins at the Aspen Grove Marina on the east end of Soldier Creek and ends at the Renegade Point marina at the southwest corner of Strawberry. Average altitude is 7500 feet. The ride is done as an out-and-back or a point-to-point with shuttle vehicle. The whole trail as an out-and-back is 24 miles with up-and-down riding of 2600 vertical feet.
Strawberry Narrows, east to west, with loop at west end:
0.0   Find ST trail at NE corner of Marina
        N40 07.682 W111 02.209
        (Requires fee. Go 0.3 miles for rough parking.)
0.3   Reach DT, continue SW direction on DT
        N40 07.851 W111 02.316
0.8   Sharp R on ST (if you reach fence, go back!)
        N40 07.554 W111 02.706
1.2   Badger Point, trail turns L
1.7   Primitive camping area on R, N40 07.680 W111 03.059
2.5   Entering narrows area
4.8   Viewpoint west over narrows, N40 07.469 W111 04.837
6.2   Fork R, small bridge, N40 07.159 W111 05.738
7.3   Primitive camping area on R, N40 07.624 W111 06.363
8.0   Poison Ridge, consider turnaround
        N40 07.813 W111 06.995
9.5   L at fork, continue ST, N40 06.726 W111 07.803
9.9   Cross creek (may need to detour upstream)
        N40 06.813 W111 08.146
10.0  More water, go around, N40 06.898 W111 08.169
11.4  Cross trail (L = to road), N40 07.032 W111 08.956
12.0  Marina, go L up road, N40 07.460 W111 09.188
12.3  Turn L (gravel road), N40 07.292 W111 09.317
12.8  Pass alternate TH, N40 06.991 W111 08.967
14.1  Fork L on narrower road, N40 05.905 W111 09.017
14.9  Enter Big Spring area, ignore first couple of spurs
15.1  Fork L as main road turns from NE to east,
         before it turns SE again. DT goes straight north.
         N40 05.635 W111 08.230
15.2  Wood fence, go through
16.4  Barrier fence, go around, N40 06.653 W111 07.875
         Find ST 100 feet downhill, turn R = original route
         N40 06.726 W111 07.803
26.0  Back at Aspen Grove Marina
Getting there, east trailhead (recommended) at Aspen Grove:  On US 40, go eastbound up Daniel's Canyon and cross the summit. Continue on US 40 past Strawberry Reservoir. Pass the Soldier Creek campground, then 1/2 mile later turn right toward Soldier Creek Dam (road fork is N40 10.960 W111 01.690). After 3.3 miles, keep R at the fork and continue toward the dam and marina. At 4 miles from US 40, turn R and go across the dam. At 5.2 miles, you reach the intersection for the Aspen Grove campground (left) and the marina (right). Park at the marina if you've paid the fee. Find the ST trail at the northwest corner of the parking area N40 07.682 W111 02.209. (For free parking but a shorter ride, continue another 0.3 miles on the paved road. Just after the road turns to the left, exit on dirt doubletrack N40 07.851 W111 02.316. You can park here and ride SE on the DT, or drive the DT 1/2 mile to a wide spot in the DT (do not go through the gate in the fence) N40 07.554 W111 02.706. Backtrack about 50 feet to find the ST heading north.

Getting there, west trailhead:  On US 40, go eastbound up Daniel's Canyon and cross the summit. 4.7 miles after the summit, turn R on the main Strawberry road. Continue south toward Indian Creek at the far southeast corner of the reservoir. Turn right at the marina and park there if you've paid the fee. The trail is at the northeast corner at the top of the boat ramp N40 07.460 W111 09.188. For free parking, continue straight past the marina turnoff 0.7 miles on gravel road. Park at the pullout on your left N40 06.991 W111 08.967. Drop 0.1 mile down the trail and watch for the Narrows trail as it crosses at N40 07.032 W111 08.956. Turn R.