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West St. George Paved Trails
Snow Canyon Loop:  (Left) Connects Halfway Wash to Snow Canyon. Option of long loop with significant climb to the top of Snow Canyon, some sharp ups and downs on the mesa. See Snow Canyon page.
Sand Hollow Trail: (Right)  Short trail with trace of gentle uphill, ends on city street. Starts in parking area north of Aquatics center on Sunset Blvd and Lava Flow Drive, N 37 07.633' W 113 37.991'. Ends on Lava Flow drive, N 37 08.356' W 113 37.987'.

Halfway Wash Trail: (Left) Fairly short trail, slightly uphill, connects to Snow Canyon Loop at the Snow Canyon Parkway. Trailhead at Dixie Drive and 540 North, N 37 06.984' W 113 37.359'. Alternate trailhead east of shopping center at Dixie and Sunset.
Lava Flow Trail. (Right)  Starts south of the school, across the street from the Aquatics center parking area on Sunset Blvd and Lava Flow Drive. Views of crunched lava and red cliffs near Snow Canyon. Ends in Santa Clara on continuation of 2000 North, N 37 08.803' W 113 37.228'. 3 miles each way.

Getting there: Head north on Bluff Street in St. George. Turn onto Sunset and drive west to Dixie Drive. For Halfway Wash, turn left and find the trail on your left about 1/3 mile down the road. For Lava Flow and Sand Hollow, turn right on Lava Flow Drive. Turn right into the Aquatics Center parking. Keep left to get to the trail parking on the north end.

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Trail conditions change, and the layout of a trail may change without notice. Use this trail guide at your own risk.