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Squaw Peak Downhill
The Squaw Peak downhill route descends west of Cascade Mountain through the Squaw Peak area east of the Provo foothills. It's popular with the local gravity crowd but of little interest to XC riders outside of Utah County. There are several variations of this ride. The shortest is a quick 2-mile plunge from the Squaw Peak Overlook down to Indian Hills in northeast Provo. Below is a 6.5 mile route descending from Buffalo Peak that detours over to Luna's Trail, dropping from 7700 feet down to 5300.
Trail conditions, alignments, and connections will change. Use this guide at your own risk. 2016.
Riding notes for descending:
0.0   Buffalo Peak Trail, R of road
        N40 16.952 W111 36.312
1.0   L on paved road N40 17.458 W111 36.806
1.4   L onto Squaw Pk Overlk Back
        N40 17.760 W111 37.050
2.1   Keep straight below parking
        N40 18.147 W111 37.592
        Squaw Peak Overlook Trail
2.7   L downhill on wide trail
        N40 18.500 W111 37.925
3.5   R on singletrack (upper BST)
        N40 18.143 W111 38.230
4.2   R on Cactus Hill Connector
        N40 18.590 W111 38.283
4.5   R uphill on paved road
        N40 18.837 W111 38.183
4.9   L on Luna's Trail
        N40 18.740 W111 37.840
        (in 10 ft keep L, R = to circles)
5.9   90 degrees R (east) for BST
        N40 19.237 W111 38.035
6.1   L downhill off BST
        N40 19.118 W111 37.814
6.3   Keep straight N40 19.282 W111 37.872
6.5   At parking
Getting there...
Lower Squaw Peak Road TH:  On US-189 eastbound about a mile up the canyon, turn right on the Squaw Peak Road. Drive one mile uphill and turn left into the large parking area. Return to the road for a pavement climb, or find singletrack at the uphill east end. N40 19.393 W111 37.956
Squaw Peak Overlook:  On the Squaw Peak Road at mile 4.2 from US-189, go to the right to the Squaw Peak Overlook. The trail is just west (downhill) from the road. There's paved parking at the overlook and roadside parking downhill. N40 18.075 W111 37.514
Back Trail:  Mile 5.6 from 189, on the right as the paved ride turns sharply left. N40 17.756 W111 37.052
Buffalo Peak Trail:  On the right at mile 7.7 from 189, as the road reaches its top elevation and crosses a saddle. N40 16.952 W111 36.312
BST Nunn's Park TH:  Eastbound in Provo Canyon on US-189, go two miles up Provo Canyon to the Nunns Park exit and turn right into the parking lot. Pedal uphill on paved trail, then turn right on the BST singletrack N40 20.280 W111 36.475.
Indian Hills:  Just before Canyon Road merges onto University Avenue, and just past the last homes, turn uphill toward the water tank. Go 1/10 mile, then find a northbound trail on your left.