Stakeout Trail System, upper trails, climbing route to Buffalo Peak
Located in the cooler glens just east of the Wasatch scarp of Squaw Peak, the Stakeout Trail System provides a singletrack route for climbing and descending. They're a nice out-and-back, or a climbing route to the Squaw Peak DH system, rising from 5300 to 7700 feet elevation. The trails are unmarked. From the road, they're often impossible to see, even if you know exactly where they are. A good map and GPS navigation is recommended. If you don't have a friend who knows the area and will give you the guided tour.
Bottom to top navigation:
0.0   Squaw Peak parking, ST uphill far east uphill end
        N40 19.393 W111 37.957
0.2   Cross trail, keep uphill
        N40 19.276 W111 37.886
0.5   R on BST N40 19.116 W111 37.815
0.55 L on connector trail
        N40 19.124 W111 37.868
0.9   L to enter Lacey's Loops N40 18.902 W111 37.682
1.1   Fork L (R = short circuit)
        N40 18.852 W111 37.696
1.3   Fork R (L = over to Luna's)
        N40 18.751 W111 37.756
1.7   Keep R uphill (Erindell)
        N40 18.687 W111 37.609
1.9   Fork L (R = over to road)
        N40 18.604 W111 37.617
2.5   L on paved road N40 18.478 W111 37.641
2.55 R on DT to ST N40 18.476 W111 37.617
2.6   Keep straight N40 18.441 W111 37.644
3.5   Hard R on road at fork, 50 feet
        L uphill on ST (Ellendell) N40 18.190 W111 37.568
4.9   L on Squaw Peak DH N40 17.845 W111 37.089
5.0   R on road N40 17.754 W111 37.052
        100 feet, R on ST after turn (Overlook Connector)
        N40 17.733 W111 37.083
5.3   Top of hill N40 17.582 W111 37.152
5.4   Keep straight (Overlook trail) N40 17.551 W111 37.115
5.7   Straight across clearing to ST (Little Rock Canyon)
        N40 17.437 W111 36.836
5.8   L on narrow ST at gap jump (Ashleedell)
        N40 17.381 W111 36.773
6.1   R (L = to road) N40 17.250 W111 36.559
6.2   East (L) N40 17.168 W111 36.471
6.5   R (L = to road) N40 17.099 W111 36.257
7.0   R on Buffalo Peak at fence N40 16.976 W111 36.315
7.3   R on Little Rock Canyon N40 16.889 W111 36.543
Getting there...
Lower Squaw Peak Road TH: 
On US-189 eastbound about a mile up the canyon, turn right on the Squaw Peak Road. Drive one mile uphill and turn left into the large parking area. Return to the road for a pavement climb, or find singletrack at the uphill east end. N40 19.393 W111 37.956
Squaw Peak Overlook:  On the Squaw Peak Road at mile 4.2 from US-189, go to the right to the Squaw Peak Overlook. The trail is just west (downhill) from the road. There's paved parking at the overlook and roadside parking downhill. N40 18.075 W111 37.514
Buffalo Peak Trail:  On the right at mile 7.7 from 189, as the road reaches its top elevation and crosses a saddle. N40 16.952 W111 36.312
BST Nunn's Park TH:  Eastbound in Provo Canyon on US-189, go two miles up Provo Canyon to the Nunns Park exit and turn right into the parking lot. Pedal uphill on paved trail, then turn right on the BST singletrack N40 20.280 W111 36.475.