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Speedbag Loop -- Tour des Suds to Midmountain to Little Chief to Speedbag
This is a quick loop ride of 6 miles at relatively middle altitudes for Park City. The ride starts in Daly Canyon, extends to Midmountain via Tour des Suds, detours onto Little Chief then drops down Speedbag. It's intermediate technical with 1000 vertical feet of climbing to a top altitude of 8300 feet.
Riding notes, clockwise loop
0.0   Uphill on DT N40 37.960 W111 29.846
0.6   L around water tank, then straight
        N40 37.643 W111 30.140
0.9   R onto Tour des Suds N40 37.786 W111 29.814
1.4   Hard R uphill N40 37.547 W111 29.925
1.5   L, continue TDS N40 37.594 W111 29.936
1.9   R on paved road, then L uphill
        N40 37.259 W111 29.729
2.2   R on Midmountain N40 37.141 W111 29.752
2.4   Keep L N40 37.184 W111 29.848
2.8   Keep level (Team Big Bear crossing)
        N40 37.113 W111 30.151
3.0   Straight (L = Tour des Suds)
        N40 37.019 W111 30.414
3.1   Cross SR 224 N40 36.980 W111 30.456
3.4   Keep R (L = up to TG) N40 36.825 W111 30.610
3.8   R on Little Chief N40 36.947 W111 30.818
4.3   Keep L (R = Ore Cart) N40 37.206 W111 30.707
4.6   R on Speedbag (straight = Link/Johns99)
        N40 37.351 W111 30.786
4.8   Keep straight as Ore Cart joins
        N40 37.376 W111 30.693
5.0   Cross Empire Link, keep straight
        N40 37.465 W111 30.501
5.3   R downhill on DT N40 37.610 W111 30.397
5.5   L on DT N40 37.619 W111 30.253
        Then L again, then L again
5.6   Downhill by either road or singletrack
6.1   Back at car
Getting there:
As you drive into Park City, you'll arrive at the "main" intersection of Park Avenue and Kearns Blvd. From the light, head south  on Park Avenue (straight ahead if you came from I-80, a left turn if you arrived on Kearns Blvd from US-40). Keep going through town. Just after the road veers a little to the right, it becomes narrower. As you reach the end of the homes and pavement, find parking on your left along the creek. Start the ride by continuing up the dirt road the direction you were driving.
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