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Sovereign Singletrack
The Sovereign Singletrack combines dirt, open rock, ledges, climbs, and views. It's great fun, but we don't recommend it for beginners. Consider this an advanced or strong-intermediate trail, moderately strenuous. Riding options include two loops, and shorter versions that bypass the northern singletrack section. The ride below is a moderate ride for intermediate bikers that visits the best of Sovereign (and the upper end of Salt Wash) as an out-and-back.  See our full web page for additional riding options.
Easier ride, lariat-shape, stops above Dalton Wells:
0.0   Continue E on road
        N 38 41.876' W 109 39.868', alt=4350
0.1   Fork L on DT
0.6   L on ST as DT crosses wash
        N 38 42.277' W 109 39.485'
1.1   Salt Wash ST crosses, follow blue dots
        N38 42.597 W109 39.431
1.8   Connector, keep R, N38 42.907 W109 39.511
2.5   Connector, keep R, N38 43.247 W109 39.440
3.4   L onto connector N38 43.695 W109 39.378
3.6   R on Salt Wash, N38 43.864 W109 39.590
4.0   Stiff climb onto mesa
        (Consider turnaround here)
4.3   Fork L, N38 43.864 W109 39.590
5.1   Hard R onto Sovereign
        N38 44.083 W109 39.351
5.8   Fork R on connector  N38 43.736 W109 39.527
6.0   Fork L on Salt Wash N38 43.864 W109 39.590
        (Begin retracing route)
6.7   Fork L on connector N38 43.864 W109 39.590
6.9   R on Sovereign N38 43.695 W109 39.378
10.3 Back at parking
Getting there:  From the north, Dalton Wells road is 17 miles south of I-70, on your left. Willow Springs Road is exactly 1 mile further south, also on the left. Coming north from Moab, Willow Springs Road will be on your right, 1.8 miles past the junction with Highway 313 (Canyonlands and Dead Horse Point).
Willow Springs Road Trailhead:
  On US-191 north of Moab, turn east on dirt Willow Springs Road. Keep L at fork at mile 1.3. At mile 2.0, park in the rock-outlined area on your left N 38 41.876' W 109 39.868', just before a natural gas pump building on the R. Start the ride by continuing down Willow Springs Rd.
Dalton Wells Road Trailhead:
  On US-191 north of Moab, turn east on dirt Dalton Wells Road. As the cindered path turns R, go straight onto the dirt road. Reclose the gate at mile 0.2, and cross the broad sandy wash. At mile 1.7, park at the fork in the road N 38 43.584' W 109 40.783'. The R fork takes you to the top of the trail for the Dalton Loop. The L fork takes you further on Dalton Wells Road, where you can connect to the southern 6 miles of trail.

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