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Riverview Trail Front-side Loop
The Riverview (or Sorenson) Trail is located on the mountainside northeast of Heber at an average altitude of 6200 feet. It's 5.2 miles in length and is best done as a 10.4 mile out-and-back. This ride will have a total 600 feet of gradual up-and-down climbing. A loop ride is possible using Sheep Bones singletrack and the Lower Riverside Trail, a doubletrack just above the irrigation canal. A shorter loop is possible by dropping down to the dirt road via a descending trail at mile 3.3 (if starting from the northern end). The descending trail is 1.2 miles.
Riding Notes, Big Front-side Loop:
0.0   Find the wooden stepover gate
        Uphill on singletrack N40 32.792 W111 24.743
0.2   Merge w DT N40 32.828 W111 24.631
        then L after canal on ST N40 32.837 W111 24.614
0.5   Cross Lower Riverview N40 32.927 W111 24.535
1.6   L on Riverview N40 33.207 W111 24.238
3.4   Keep R (L = to viewpoint)
        N40 33.706 W111 25.004
4.5   Hard L onto Sheep Bones
        N40 34.327 W111 25.057
        (straight = to north TH and Coyote)
5.4   Straight onto Lower Riverview
        N40 33.615 W111 25.280
6.9   Straight as UVU connector crosses
        N40 32.927 W111 24.535
7.2   Straight as DT joins steeply from downhill
        N40 32.857 W111 24.304
7.9   L on singletrack (to Coyote TH)
        N40 32.387 W111 23.919
8.2   Keep R (L=Free Fall)
        N40 32.162 W111 23.983
8.5   Fork L to Coyote (R = to TH)
        N40 32.126 W111 23.925
        Cross doubletrack (Lower Riverview)
8.7   L uphill on Coyote (R = to TH)
        N40 32.124 W111 23.815
8.8   Cross Coyote Lane N40 32.188 W111 23.746
9.8   L on Riverview N40 32.365 W111 23.403
10.0 L and cross Coyote Lane to ST
        N40 32.541 W111 23.391
11.5 Keep L (R = Coyote Middle)
        N40 33.053 W111 24.030
11.9 L downhill on UVU connector
        N40 33.207 W111 24.238
13.0 Cross Lower Riverview N40 32.927 W111 24.535
13.3 R across canal on DT then R on ST
        N40 32.837 W111 24.614
13.5 Back at TH
Getting there:
UVU Wasatch Campus trailhead:  One mile south of the junction of Highway 40 and 32, turn east (toward the mountain) at the UVU campus. Northbound from Utah County, it's a couple of miles past the major business area. At the uppermost level of parking behind the UVU buildings, look for the duck-under and kiosk N40 32.798 W111 24.735. A singletrack trail climbs 1.5 miles to the Riverview Trail.
Alternate:  Trailhead on Highway 32, one mile uphill from Highway 40. Fork right at mile 0.3 and start the loop at mile 0.4.

Trail conditions and alignments change. Use this guide at your own risk.
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