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Solitude Resort Loop
Solitude Resort in Big Cottonwood Canyon has a very nice singletrack loop. It traverses many of the resorts ski runs as it zips in and out of the trees. The loop is 6 miles long, with 600 vertical feet of climbing. (It will feel like more.) The ride reaches a peak altitude of 8550 feet. Singletrack is an upper intermediate technical, with about a mile of advanced tech. If you want a shorter ride, you can drop down the Easy Out trail from the doubletrack. Another riding loop uses the Silverfork doubletrack and Queen Bess singletrack as the climb, replacing the Serenity Singletrack
At the southeast corner of Kruzr, you can catch a narrow singletrack that climbs up to Twin Lakes at the top of Brighton (if you want). Otherwise, you continue on downhill, rejoining Apex on your way down to complete the loop. Kruzr is a bit more technical. Bikes aren't allowed down at Silver Lake, so don't turn down that trail!
Ride notes, counterclockwise loop:
0.0   Southeast corner Moonbeam parking area
        N 40 37.383' W 111 35.794'
        singletrack south, fork R after 100 feet (Serenity)
0.2   Keep L uphill (R=Silverfork and Queen Bess)
1.5   Keep L (R=Queen Bess)
1.7   Paved lift road, turn R
        N 40 37.220' W 111 36.371'
1.9   Pass chalet, dirt doubletrack
2.0   Fork L  (R=Powderhorn)
2.5   Straight (Easy Out ST forks off to L)
2.8   Keep R
3.0   Fork L onto ST (Kruzr)
3.15 Hiking trail in from R, keep L
3.25 Fork L (R=Sunrise Lift)
3.7   Fork L
        (R, then R again = SolBright, top of Brighton)
4.5   Cross DT
4.85 Easy Out comes in from L
5.1   Keep R (L goes to paved road)
5.7   Paved road, go R
        N 40 37.211' W 111 35.769'
5.8   L on ST, head towards Moonbeam
6.0   At first trail fork, R to parking
Getting there: Go to Big Cottonwood Canyon (Wasatch Blvd and 72nd South) and drive about 10 miles up from the traffic light. Turn right into the first Solitude parking lot at the Moonbeam Center. As you enter the parking area, the singletrack trail will be at the far left corner of the lot. N 40 37.383' W 111 35.794'

NOTE: Solitude LOCKS the gate to their lower lot in the evening. If think you'll be there past 6 pm, park in the lot uphill!

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