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Soldier Hollow
Soldier Hollow was the site of the 2002 Olympic cross-country ski competition. In the summertime, this nicely-built trail system is available for mountain biking. There are about 12 miles of trails located in a semi-circle on the rolling hills west of Heber. Although the total altitude gain isn't great (around 300 feet), the up-and-down riding can add up to a substantial bit of vertical. Base altitude is 5800 feet. Trails are easier-intermediate in technical requirement.
There isn't a specific "official" trail. Singletrack follows the ski paths, and cuts between them. You can pick your own route. If a race route is marked (and it usually is), that's a good riding plan. Just follow the signs.
Soldier Hollow is a fee area in a state park. You should register and sign a waiver. There will be a per-biker charge ($3 in 2007).
In May through September, there will be flags or signs marking a race course. The exact route varies by race. The map below is for the May Intermountain Cup race. Just follow the race loop for a nice ride. If you want to hit the more technical singletrack up the hill, we suggest downloading a track file and using GPS navigation -- some races bypass the higher section.

Getting there:  From US-40, turn north on U-113. Zero your odometer. Drive 2 miles, then turn left immediately after crossing the railroad tracks. Turn left at the stop sign 1/2 mile later. At the intersection 3.8 miles from US-40, turn R and drive up to the lodge. Go inside, pay your fee, and sign the waiver. The trails start downhill by the competition building (tower).

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