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Solamere Loop
The Solamere Loop starts at Deer Valley, runs up and down two mountains, around a third mountain, then up and over a fourth. It's great working on those summit attacks, while enjoying views over Deer Valley, Park City, and Jordanelle. Because of the steep grade and multiple switchbacks (around 80), I'd rate this trail advanced or upper-intermediate technical. Total climbing is 1200 feet, split between three hill-climbs, with base altitude of 7250 and peak of 7650. Climbs are fairly stiff, but are a mile of less. Distance around the loop is 7.2 miles. The loop can be ridden either direction. Switchbacks tend to be a bit more angular and rough on the southern hillsides: if you like the tight switchbacks uphill, ride counterclockwise. If you like rounded turns uphill and can navigate right switchbacks downhill, go clockwise.
Trail notes, counterclockwise loop:
0.0 Out of parking lot, up street to south 50 feet
       Trail on left, N 40 38.304' W 111 28.645'
       Gap Trail
0.1  First fork, keep right (L=mountainside return)
1.0  Top of first mountain
1.7  Cross mountainside trail, cross road by gatehouse
       Snowtop Trail
2.3  Top of second mountain
3.0  Bottom, begin Hidden Hollow Trail
3.5  Reach dead-end circle on pavement
       Turn hard left on ST
3.8  Trail comes in from R
4.0  Fork, go R down to street (L=mountainside return)
       Go right uphill at street, L at stop, L at 2nd stop
       Singletrack on right, Solamere Connector
5.4  Reach ridgeline, watch for fork sharp L
        N 40 39.088' W 111 28.937'
       (If you cross a broad trail at 5.6, you missed it)
       Gambel Oak Trail
6.1  Street, GPS N 40 38.803' W 111 29.346'
       Turn L, then keep straight all the way back
7.2  Back at Snow Park Lodge

Getting there:  In Park City, follow the signs to Deer Valley Resort. Just after you turn past the Snow Park Lodge, turn left into the first parking lot. Get on your bike. As you leave the lot the way you came, turn left into the first street, and find the singletrack trail on your left about 50 feet up. GPS N 40 38.304' W 111 28.645'

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Trail conditions change, and the layout of a trail may change without notice. Use this trail guide at your own risk.