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Duchesne River Gorge Overlook - Soapstone Basin Loop
If you've lived in Utah very long, you've seen pictures of Soapstone Basin. The local weathermen frequently use photos of this area as backdrops. Soapstone in the summer, with sparkling meadows of alpine flowers. Soapstone in the fall, with brilliant gold aspen among the fir trees. It's not singletrack, but it's a good ride. It's 100% 4x4 track, mostly rutted dirt road with occasional rock outcrops and rare stretches of loose rock.
Riding notes, from Lambert Hollow
Soapstone Loop with trip to viewpoint:

0.0    Head south on Soapstone Basin Road
         N40 33.264 W111 01.884
1.0    Fork L on FR 304, N40 32.500 W111 01.722
2.7    Keep R N40 32.942 W111 00.063
3.2    Keep R N40 33.055 W110 59.545
4.3    Keep L N40 33.283 W110 58.536
5.6    Fork R N40 33.397 W110 57.223
6.9    Fork L (Critical Fork) N40 32.629 W110 56.148
7.1    Fork L N40 32.550 W110 55.946
8.6    Viewpoint turnaround N40 32.925 W110 55.050
10.3  Back at 304, left on 174
11.5  Straight N40 31.729 W110 56.010
12.0  Straight N40 31.436 W110 56.170
12.1  Keep R N40 31.261 W110 56.304
13.6  R at creek FR 89, N40 31.013 W110 57.813
         Stay on main road
18.3  R on Soapstone Basin Road N40 31.894 W111 01.886
19.0  Keep R at Piuta Camp N40 32.372 W111 02.432
19.6  At main fork, go L
20.7  Back at Lambert Hollow
Getting there, via 150:  Exit I-80 southbound on US-40. After 4 miles, exit and head east toward Kamas. Turn left (north) on main street. Drive north about 1/4 mile then turn right onto the Mirror Lake Highway, U-150. Drive 15 miles from Kamas. Turn right on Soapstone Basin Road. Go 3.1 miles to Lambert Hollow, or 4.2 to the Y fork where FR 304 forks left off the main road.

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Trail conditions change, and the layout of a trail may change without notice.
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Getting there, via 35:  Head up Provo Canyon on US-189. In Heber, turn left (north) at the light on 189. Drive through Heber. As you approach the Jordanelle dam, turn right toward Francis/Kamas. When you reach the 4-way stop in Francis, go straight on Highway 35. (If you want Highway150, turn left toward Kamas.) Drive 16.5 miles. (When you pass the Mill Hollow road, you're almost there.) Turn left on the Soapstone Basin Road. Drive about 2 miles to the top of Soapstone Pass. Start here, or descend 1.6 miles to the Y fork or continue to Lambert Hollow.