The Snakepit Trail joins the eastern and western sides of the Stucki Spring trail. On the eastern end, it forks off Stucki Spring about 1/3 mile from the beginning of Stucki Spring at Clavicle Hill. It joins Stucki Spring as it heads along the western side of the Bearclaw Poppy preserve, about halfway between Stucki Springs itself and the Cottonwood Wash overlook. The Snakepit Trail itself is only 2.3 miles long. But it must be combined with other trails in order to reach it. This ride is 17 miles. For a shorter ride, see the Bloomington Figure 8 version.
Snakepit Pretzel Ride from Bearclaw:
0.0   From upper Bearclaw TH, uphill
        N37 05.337 W113 38.431
0.4   L across stepover gate
        N37 05.171 W113 38.829
1.1   L on Stucki Cutoff connector
        N37 04.788 W113 39.054
1.4   Two trails join on L, stay R westbound
        N37 04.770 W113 39.362
2.8   Keep R at three forks over 0.2 mi
        N37 05.534 W113 40.241
3.5   At Stucki Spring, L and southwest
        N37 05.985 W113 40.561
4.0   L on Snakepit N37 05.661 W113 40.933
4.6   Keep R on Snakepit
        N37 05.185 W113 40.833
        (L = Snakepit Rim)
6.4   Join Stucki, keep L
        N37 04.272 W113 39.590
6.6   4-way, go L on Stucki
        N37 04.157 W113 39.391
6.7   Below Clavicle Hill, fork L
        N37 04.212 W113 39.313
        On Snakepit Rim
6.8   Keep L N37 04.278 W113 39.326
7.1  Keep straight N37 04.361 W113 39.509
8.9   Keep straight, join Snakepit
        N37 05.185 W113 40.833
9.6   L on Stucki N37 05.661 W113 40.933
11.2 Cottonwood Wash view, go L
        N37 05.232 W113 42.140
13.9 Keep R on Stucki
        N37 04.621 W113 40.244
14.9 Keep R as Snakepit joins
        N37 04.272 W113 39.590
15.1 4-way again, go L
        N37 04.157 W113 39.391
15.2 Climb to top of Clavicle Hill, go N
        N37 04.222 W113 39.304
        Head back on Bearclaw
16.0 Back at first fork N37 04.788 W113 39.054
17.1 Back at parking
Getting there, Bearclaw trailhead: Take the Bluff Street I-15 exit in St. George and turn west. Immediately turn south (left). Go over the hill and turn right on Dixie Drive. Keep straight past the golf course and some businesses. Turn left at the sign for Green Valley Spa. (If you reach a "Green Valley Market" with gas pumps, you just passed it. Turn around and backtrack to the second road on your right.) Drive past the spa and park at the end of the road to start your ride, or drive down into the valley to park at the official Bearclaw Poppy trailhead. From the top of the mesa, head down into the broad valley. Climb the wide dirt road on the north (right) side of the little sandstone canyon. About 1/2 mile up the road, keep going through the gate at the parking area.
Trail conditions and alignments change. Use at your own risk.  Dec 2011