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Sleepy Hollow Trail
The Sleepy Hollow Trail is a non-motorized trail in the hills north of Strawberry Reservoir. The singletrack route is 3.2 miles; most riders will want to go the extra 0.8 mile up the ATV route to a fabulous viewpoint. The climb extends from an elevation of 8200 feet to almost 10,000 feet. The trail isn't very technical, but requires good legs. The upper ATV portion can be a little loose. The out-and-back is 8 miles total with 1800 vertical feet of climbing. Another ride option for Sleepy Hollow is a loop ride using the Co-op Creek singletrack trail. This route adds another 2.5 miles on ATV track and 1.5 miles on the Co-op Creek Road, plus 4.7 miles on the Co-op Creek Trail.
Riding notes, climb to viewpoint out-and-back:
0.0   Go through log fence and start uphill
        N40 17.402 W111 09.865
1.6   Fork R (don't follow faint ST up draw)
        N40 18.401 W111 08.944
3.2   Meet Chicken Creek ATV route
        N40 17.827 W111 08.465
        Go straight (L) and uphill on DT
3.7   Keep straight (L) and uphill
        N40 18.183 W111 08.085
4.0   Viewpoint area N40 18.365 W111 07.906
        Retrace route
8.0   Back at parking

Getting there:  Take US-40 southbound from Heber and drive up Daniel's Canyon 17 miles from the US-40 to US-189 junction. After passing the summit, continue another 5.5 miles, passing the Strawberry Administrative area and paved road on your right. 7 miles past the summit, 1.5 miles from the road fork, turn left on the Co-op Creek Road. N40 14.639 W111 09.419. (Stop at the outhouse in the parking area if you need to.) Drive 3.4 miles up the Co-op Creek Road. As the road turns sharply left and uphill (about 150 feet before a metal gate), note a parking area on your right with a log fence at the end, N40 17.402 W111 09.865. The log fence is the trailhead for the Sleepy Hollow Trail. The Co-op Creek Road above the Sleepy Hollow trailhead is closed Nov 1 until July 1. Facilities: None in the trail area. There's a bathroom at the bottom of the Co-op Creek Road.

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