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Southern Skyline Trail (Lewis Peak)
The Southern Skyline Trail is a rewarding but long hill climb. It starts at Pineview Reservoir in Ogden Canyon and climbs over 3100 feet  to the ridgeline looking west over Ogden. The trail -- if you include the spur to Lewis Peak -- can be ridden as an out-and-back to Lewis Peak (18.6 miles), as a 14-mile point-to-point leaving a shuttle at the North Ogden Pass trailhead, or as a 24-mile loop following paved roads 10 miles downhill to the Pineview Trailhead.
At the 2nd switchback turn (to the left, at 1.8 miles), the trail seems to fork. The "straight ahead" option goes 0.1 mile to a viewpoint looking over Pineview. This is a good "we made it, turn-around" spot for beginners. If you're heading uphill, there are better views from the ridgeline above.
The first 3 miles is steady climbing, at a grade of about 600 feet per mile (12%). The next 1.5 miles is up-and-down, but with some roots, rocks, and loose stuff to contend with. At 4.5 miles, you start a steady stiff climb up to the ridgeline. On the ridgeline at mile 7, you'll keep left at two trail intersections, rolling up and down for 2 miles to reach Lewis Peak at mile 9.4. On the descent, either keep right for out-and-back, or fork left towards North Ogden Divide.
If you descend to the North Ogden Divide, you'll arrive at the road about 1000 vertical feet above the Pineview trailhead. This is a fairly steep and (occasionally) technical descent, but loads of fun.

Getting there: From I-15, take exit 347, Ogden 12th South. Head east towards the mountains, and the street will enter Ogden Canyon. Drive about 5 miles up the canyon. At Pineview Reservoir, turn left across the dam. About 1/2 mile later, there's a "Pineview Trailhead" parking area on your right. The trail starts on the southern end of the parking area, crosses the highway, then about 100 feet later, jogs slightly downhill as it crosses a paved private road.

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