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Looking north from the trail, towards Shingle Creek.

Shingle Creek Trail
The Shingle Creek Trail is a narrow singletrack in the western Uinta Mountains, about 10 miles east of Kamas. Altitude is 7,500 feet, with about 500 feet elevation gain over the 2.5 mile trail. The trail is ridden as an out-and-back for a total ride of 5 miles. We'd have to rate this trail as advanced technical, and moderately strenuous aerobic.

The trail has some rough spots, and some "improvements" such as rock steps that are obviously made for horses, but trip up mountain bikes when riding uphill. In between, there's some very nice smooth cruising.
At 2.5 miles, the trail crosses the creek. This begins the upper trail, which is essentially non-rideable. Turn around and start an awesome downhill. You'll eat those (four letter) words you mumbled fighting your way up the rocky parts, because the cruise back is fun fun fun. Assuming you're good enough to handle it.

Pond, still muddy from beavers.

Shingle Creek Trail Map

Getting there: In Kamas, turn east towards the mountains on the well-marked Mirror Lake Highway. Drive 6 miles to the fee station and pay your $3. About three miles later, you'll see the Shingle Creek Trailhead road taking off on your left. Drive 1/4 mile up the road and park at the trailhead. The metal gate north of the parking area is the start of the trail.

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Trail conditions change, and the layout of a trail may change without notice. Use this trail guide at your own risk.