This mountain biking route is in the Gemini Bridges area about 10 miles north of Moab. The 7-Up Trail is a combination of singletrack (ST) and doubletrack (DT) extending 10.1 miles from Highway 313 to the Bull Run trailhead just off the Gemini Bridges Road. The trail is new in fall 2012. The trail can be used as a climbing route to the top of the Magnificent 7 trail system. This will be a big ride, reserved for stronger riders. Most riders are doing 7-Up as a shuttled downhill. Note: If doing loop ride, please also print high-res map of entire Mag 7 system (link on trail page).
Detailed notes, climbing 7-Up
0.0    From 191, west on Highway 313
         N38 40.347 W109 41.220
4.1    At 2nd hairpin turn, as road straightens
         L off paved road N38 38.682 W109 43.787
         Cross slickrock to DT (7-Up)
6.9    Turn R N38 37.498 W109 45.221
8.2    L down ST (blue markings)
         R = sandy DT that rejoins
8.8    Rejoin DT, keep straight
         N38 37.421 W109 46.824
9.1    Keep straight (R = 1 mile to 313)
         N38 37.199 W109 47.048
10.6  Fork L N38 36.286 W109 47.173
10.9  R on ST N38 36.132 W109 47.179
11.1  Keep L (R = Whirlwind)
         N38 36.020 W109 47.225
11.3  Rejoin DT, fork R
         N38 36.072 W109 47.064
11.6  Keep L (R = Hildalgo)
         N38 35.925 W109 46.781
12.0  Newer 7-Up ST on R
         N38 35.863 W109 46.399
         Rejoins N38 35.640 W109 46.489
12.2  Turn R (straight = DT shortcut)
         N38 35.838 W109 46.342
12.4  L on ST N38 35.662 W109 46.484
14.1  Cross Getaway N38 35.014 W109 46.665
         Cross Gemini Road N38 35.002 W109 46.651
14.2  Bull Run TH N38 34.924 W109 46.583
Riding notes  7-Up Getaway-Great Escape Loop
Go to mile 14.1 above -- don't cross!
14.1  L on Getaway N38 35.014 W109 46.665
20.7  L to join Arth's N38 35.267 W109 42.212
         100 ft, cross road to Great Escape
24.2  R on Little Canyon ST
         N38 35.652 W109 40.550
25     Hard L downhill on Gold Bar Rim Road
         N38 35.885 W109 40.138
25.6  R on Gemini Bridges Road
         N38 36.018 W109 40.438
29.4  Cross RR tracks, L on paved trail
         N38 39.372 W109 40.635
31.5  Cross road to parking
Getting there, southbound:
From I-70 and Crescent Junction, drive south on US-191 for 20 miles. For the loop ride, park on the large gravel area right where 313 forks to the right off of 191.
Northbound from Moab:
Drive about 9 miles north of the Colorado River on Highway 191 to Highway 313. For the loop ride, park right along 191 and start riding west on 313.
Upper trailhead for shuttled ride:
Drive 13 miles on 313 to the Gemini Bridges sign and turn left onto dirt road N38 34.390 W109 47.548. Find a spot to unload there, or descend about a mile down the road to the Bull Run trailhead. 7-up is on the left as you enter the parking zone.