Sand Mountain - "The Maze" Slickrock and Hurricane Dunes
Sand Mountain lies just south of Sand Hollow Reservoir near Hurricane. It's not a casual ride, and is best reserved for strong adventurous bikers who've already done the usual stuff in the area. There's sand, rough rock, and a sustained tough climb. I recommend a fat bike for this ride. Because, sand. The out-and-back is about 17 miles with 2100 vertical feet of climbing. The full loop has extensive sand and is quite difficult.
Riding notes, slickrock and dune loop:
0.0   Cross cattle guard, go right (west)
        N37 06.743 W113 26.282
0.2   Southwest in wash bottom
        N37 06.709 W113 26.453
1.3   Veer L out of wash (southeast)
        N37 05.937 W113 27.037
1.5   Fork L (northeast), Fault Line trail
        N37 05.816 W113 26.902
2.1   Keep R and uphill (east)
        N37 06.232 W113 26.489
2.7   Fork R on West Rim
        N37 06.321 W113 25.970
3.0   Keep R (L=to John's)
        N37 06.125 W113 25.899
3.6   Keep R (John's rejoins)
        N37 05.745 W113 26.149
3.7   Keep R (L=sandy DT to The Maze)
        N37 05.671 W113 26.189
4.9   Slickrock and hoodoos, work southeast
        N37 04.839 W113 26.534
5.6   Passage east to lower trail!
        N37 04.490 W113 26.435
7.0   Rejoin upper DT, the leave to R
        N37 03.827 W113 25.809
8.5   Turn-around for XC out-and-back ride
        For loop, east-southeast at edge of dunes
9.2   R to go northeast climbing along edge of dunes
        N37 03.140 W113 24.256
9.7   Top of dune area, work northwest
10.4 R downhill on main access path (north)
        N37 03.797 W113 24.313
        Lots of deep sand from here down!
11.6 L on Dunes DT, critical fork!
        N37 04.640 W113 23.734
        (straight or R= down to reservoir ATV staging)
13ish straight and descend wash (R=ridge alt)
14.6 Drop steep L off dune, up DT opposite side
        N37 06.317 W113 25.636
15.0 West Rim fork, straight N37 06.321 W113 25.970
15.6 Fork R this time, go northeast on Fault Line
        N37 06.247 W113 26.460
15.9 L downhill N37 06.469 W113 26.294
16.1 Veer R toward road
16.3 Back at parking
Getting there:
To get there from the south, take I-15's exit 2 to Highway 7, the Southern Parkway. Go 15 miles to exit 15 for the Long Valley. Turn left under the highway, then right on Washington Dam Road.
From Highway 9 just west of Hurricane, take the Sand Hollow Road south until you pass Sand Hollow State Park, then turn right onto Highway 7. Go west about three miles to exit 15 and turn right (north). At the stop sign, go right on Washington Dam Road.
After 0.9 miles on Washington Dam Road, turn right at Warner Draw Road and go under the highway. Immediately find a place to park. The ride starts by heading south up the valley. To avoid the confusion of multiple changing ATV routes, start by working to your right immediately after you cross the cattle guard until you find the main road in the bottom of the wash.
Trail conditions, alignments, and connections will change. Use this guide at your own risk. Copyright 2017