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Ruby Loop
This is a 5.3-mile loop in Empire Canyon, starting just a little uphill from the Empire Canyon Lodge. The loop starts at 8300 feet elevation on the road to Guardsman Pass and climbs to 9000 feet at the top of the Ruby lift. You can reach the loop from other Park City and Deer Valley trails for a longer ride. Over half of this loop is brand new trail, just opened in September 2011. Most of the riding is in forest, with occasional breakouts with views over Park City. At the top, there are views south over the Heber Valley as well.
Riding guide, counterclockwise loop:
0.0  Coast down from parking, L on ST
       Midmountain Trail N40 36.982 W111 30.445
       Stay straight (Drift on L)
0.3  Stay straight (Payroll on L)
       N40 36.822 W111 30.493
0.4  L uphill on ST (Corvair Trail)
       N40 36.822 W111 30.599
1.1  Keep L and downhill N40 36.641 W111 30.880
1.5  Keep R (L = Payroll)
       N40 36.582 W111 30.635
1.6  L on TG Trail N40 36.584 W111 30.650
1.9  L (uphill R = TG to road) N40 36.436 W111 30.488
2.2  L uphill (R = to TG) N40 36.623 W111 30.738
2.5  L uphill on DT N40 36.419 W111 30.628
       Then L on DT N40 36.402 W111 30.654
2.7  Cross Guardsman Road to DT
       N40 36.382 W111 30.475
3.2  L on DT toward lift N40 36.549 W111 30.081
3.3  To R of lift, find ST NE of lift
       Boulder Trail
       N40 36.627 W111 30.148
3.6  Keep R (L = to Moose Bones)
       N40 36.709 W111 30.214
3.8  Cross Moose Bones, keep downhill
       N40 36.773 W111 30.093
4.1  Cross DT road N40 36.838 W111 30.234
5.3  Keep straight to Midmountain westbound
       N40 37.016 W111 30.403
       (L = Tour des Suds, hard R = Midmountain)
5.4  Uphill on pavement to car

Getting there:  
As you enter Park City, follow the signs for Deer Valley and Guardsman Road. Get on Bonanza Drive heading south uphill. At the roundabout, turn toward Empire Canyon (SR 224). Stay on that road for about 3.5 miles. Go through the roundabout in front of Empire Canyon Lodge and head uphill on 224. Just after the turn to the right, park on the left side of the road. The Midmountain Trail is back downhill just above the turn. Head left (west).

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